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By - 4/17/10 - 2:32 pm

Garrett Quinn tweets from the Republican state convention in Worcester:

Mildred Jefferson just compared passage of HCR to 9/11. Got standing O from 2/3 of arena.

Christy Mihos followed up by kvetching about "PatrickCare," which you oldtimers may recall was actually passed under Romney.

By - 4/13/10 - 4:13 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today the state could refuse to help a couple pay for health insurance even if they couldn't afford insurance offered by their employers.

Although Daniel and Diane Provencal met the income requirements for subsidized insurance, the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority denied their request because Daniel Provencal's employer offered its own insurance plan - under which it would pay 33% of the premiums. The SJC noted the law establishing the health connector said it "may" waive that condition, which the court ruled means the the connector could also refuse to waive it.

By - 4/12/10 - 6:36 pm

Go back and go through an administrative appeals process - with the state insurance division, which just rejected the rate hikes - the judge told the insurers, WBUR reports.

By - 3/26/10 - 9:00 am

Steve Syre raises questions about the proposed Chryslerish takeover of the non-profit Caritas Christi hospitals by Cerberus Capital Management:

The most important question of all: How do for-profit hospitals that serve the poor do justice to their investors and their patients at the same time?

By - 3/25/10 - 9:26 am

CommonWealth interviews John McDonough, who has been fighting for universal health care for years, first as a state rep from JP, then as director of a statewide advocacy group and most recently as an aide to Ted Kennedy. He talks about the challenges for the new law and says the Senate election in Massachusetts wasn't really about health care, the Republicans blew it and Mitt Romney should be proud of his role in the whole thing, rather than just running away, again, from Massachusetts.

By - 3/25/10 - 8:09 am

The Globe reports Caritas Christi, which runs a string of hospitals in the Boston area, is selling itself to Cerberus Capital Management, which took over the sick car company a couple years ago and watched to plunge into bankruptcy. The company will, of course, turn the chain of Catholic hospitals into a health-care company, but promises not to try to take it public for at least three years.

By - 3/22/10 - 10:13 am

The Globe summarizes, seems to mainly benefit people who don't buy health insurance (lower penalties); increase the number of people eligible for government insurance subsidies and let children stay on their parents' plans longer. Also: 10% tax on tanning beds!

By - 3/22/10 - 10:07 am

Rachel Zimmerman reports that during intermission at a play at a Cambridge school last night, the director announced the results of a procedural vote in the House on health care (not the actual, final vote):

The audience stood up and cheered.

By - 3/21/10 - 11:00 pm

Teddy can rest easy tonight.

As expected, Stephen Lynch, D-9th, voted no on the measure (Times map showing all the votes). State Rep. Jeff Perry, R-Sandwich, running to replace Bill Delahunt in the 10th district, wasted no time issuing a press release calling the measure unconstitutional.

By - 3/20/10 - 9:55 pm

Capuano explains:

Although I am not happy with every aspect of this bill, I have come to the conclusion that the benefits for Massachusetts and the country outweigh the problems.

By - 3/19/10 - 4:34 pm

Mike Ball, who calls Lynch a "suddenly unbearable" small embarassment, posts his phone numbers and a Web site on which you can send him a message.

Mike Durant posts a copy of the letter he sent Lynch, who happens to be his representative:

By - 3/16/10 - 9:24 am

The CEO of Blue Cross-Blue Shield has quit; insurer says it has nothing to do with large losses, Cleve Killingsworth just decided giving lectures would be more interesting.

The Globe reports on how some hospitals and doctors are more equal than others, based on data from Harvard Pilgrim.

By - 3/14/10 - 1:38 pm

Dr. Michael Bailin demonstrates an awake endotracheal intubation at Mass. General - on himself:

Via Dr. T, herself an anesthesiologist, who watched the video admiringly.

By - 3/11/10 - 9:09 am

They tend to see the worst cases. Kristen, a nurse who lives in Randolph, is blogging about her life after gastric bypass surgery - and how hard it was at first for her to even think about it:

By - 3/6/10 - 10:57 am

By Medicare inspectors, the Globe reports.

By - 3/2/10 - 8:42 am

Beth Israel Deaconess CIO John Halamka explains how the hospital spends $1 million a year protecting its network and records.

By - 3/1/10 - 12:57 pm

If you haven't read Sean Murphy's two-part series on health coverage for municipal workers - especially, the bonus coverage for volunteer officials, you should (here and here). But as Nast asked, what are you (meaning we) going to do about it?