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Financial District

By adamg - 12/6/19 - 9:41 am
Delivery van with ID number of NCC-1701

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko spotted this late-model Enterprise shuttlecraft in the Financial District last night.

By adamg - 3/31/19 - 10:22 am
Scene outside Society on High

Society taped off. Photo by KMV.

WCVB reports four people were stabbed at Society on High, 99 High St., shortly after 1 a.m. Read more.

By adamg - 5/15/18 - 9:17 pm
Purple skies over downtown Boston

Gvoysey the roving UHub photographer couldn't help but notice the purple sky over downtown Boston tonight.

By adamg - 5/26/17 - 10:14 am

K asks:

I need a place for lunch in DTX/FD that serves soup & has cozy booths.

By adamg - 11/29/16 - 11:13 am

Seems Boston has this nifty little search tool that lets you type in a car's license-plate number and see when it was last towed (and to where).

Over on Boston Reddit, mac_question has been using the tool to follow the exploits of a 2017 Fiat sports car (no, that's not an oxymoron), whose owner keeps parking it haphazardly at Summer and High streets downtown. In the past three months, the car has been towed five times from that spot. Maybe it's still cheaper than a deeded parking space?

By adamg - 5/21/16 - 11:22 pm

In a drive by around 10:45 p.m. on Broad Street at Franklin, Crime Hub reports.

By adamg - 2/1/16 - 11:16 am
Elliot Davis in the Financial District

Jed Hresko was walking through the Financial District this morning when a guy who seemed vaguely familiar came up to him. He reports: Read more.

By adamg - 12/10/15 - 12:29 pm

Today, we signed a Letter of Intent with UBS to move our editorial and business operations to 53 State Street, Exchange Place.

Read more.

By adamg - 11/20/15 - 10:25 am
Nerd commuting in Boston's Financial District

If you still needed convincing that Boston's Financial District is becoming more of Boston's Tech District, David Harris presents this photo of a guy tooling down the street on one of those new micro-Segwayish things this morning.

By adamg - 7/21/15 - 9:16 pm
Sunset over Boston's Financial District

Wonderson watched the sun go down over downtown this evening.

By adamg - 7/17/15 - 1:04 pm
White movie related blobby things in downtown Boston

RoadTripNE spotted these large white blobby things, wondered if that meant the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was about to assemble and destroy Faux New York down in the Financial District.

Alas, Robert Caplis reports, there's a more prosaic reason behind the things: Read more.

By adamg - 7/15/15 - 3:45 pm
Ghostbusters subway entrance in Boston

David Schachner marveled at the new subway entrance in front of 125 High St. today - but wondered who ya gonna call to find out when it opens to the public.

What if?

By adamg - 6/17/15 - 12:00 pm

The arrival of artisanal European and Japanese coffee in downtown Boston has done nothing to shake our addiction to Dunkin' Donuts, apparently. The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to grant a food-serving license to a brand-new Dunkin' Donuts at 89 Broad St. in the Financial District - four months after it approved a new Dunkin' Donuts on Washington Street. Read more.

By adamg - 5/21/15 - 12:10 pm
Water Street shut

Water Street is shut to drivers and pedestrians at lunchtime, and firefighters and EMTS are on standby, as the BPD bomb squad investigates a suspicious package wrapped in duct tape.

By adamg - 4/22/15 - 9:11 pm
Beige carpet in Boston financial district

Downtown's getting so upscale they've started carpeting the side streets, apparently, as Jed Hresko shows us.

By adamg - 4/8/15 - 7:30 am

Ania Wronski asks:

Any ideas on where to take a group of ~10 people to brunch on a friday near the financial district/Chinatown?

By adamg - 3/15/15 - 2:34 pm
Frieze on the Samuel Appleton Building

On the Samuel Appleton Building. See it larger.

In the late 1800s, the merchant princes of Boston adorned their buildings with classical Greek and Roman symbols of successful seafaring commerce, such as Neptune's tridents and Mercury's caduceuses (Mercury being the god of trade and all).

And then, it stopped. Maybe it was the decline of Boston as a seaport, but whatever the reason, in the 20th century, financial firms took over from trading companies and turned to an even older culture - the Assyrians - for symbolism on their new buildings.

By adamg - 2/5/15 - 9:22 am

The Boston Fire Department ordered Purchase Street between Congress and Summer shut around 9:15 a.m. so workers could remove large icicles from buildings before they fall and impale somebody.

UPDATE: In removing icicles from 51 High St., which also fronts Purchase, firefighters discovered loose parapets. ISD requested to the scene.

By adamg - 11/21/14 - 2:39 pm
Joshua's Deli says yell at Beacon Hill if you don't like his price increases

Adam Castiglioni posts a photo of the sign now up in Joshua's Deli on Batterymarch, which says they have no choice but to raise their prices come January, thanks to those meanies up on Beacon Hill.

By adamg - 10/20/14 - 6:49 pm

Acquia, which currently provides content-management applications and services plans to move from Burlington to 53 State St. next year, BostInno reports, adding the company will be doubling its space with the move.

Acquia's core offerings focus on an enterprise version of Drupal, a system originally written by Acquia founder Dries Buytaert. The software powers a number of large corporate Web sites, and also this one.

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