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By adamg - 6/9/23 - 1:05 pm

Trung Nguyen, 47, of Danvers, was arrested today on two counts of money laundering and one count of operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business for the three years federal investigators say he ran a scheme to convert money from drug dealers and, in one case, an online romance scammer, into Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Read more.

By adamg - 10/1/21 - 1:05 pm

State Police report a man from Alaska who had just arrived in Massachusetts for a vacation today died on I-95 northbound in Danvers when a metal tool flew off a truck and came through his windshield. Read more.

By adamg - 5/26/20 - 12:23 pm

McKinnon's Markets reports its Danvers store is closed today so it can be professionally cleaned - and so that all its workers can get Covid-19 testing, "due to some of our employees testing positive for COVID-19." Read more.

By adamg - 4/1/19 - 7:47 pm

State Police report charging both women in that Rte. 128 incident on Friday that made the national news. Read more.

By adamg - 9/18/12 - 9:57 am

State Police report a box truck full of ice rolled over around 8:30 a.m. on a ramp from Rte. 128 north to Rte. 62 in Danvers. No word if it was in a convoy with a Scotch truck.

By adamg - 1/3/10 - 10:53 am

Dan Kennedy trekked to Endicott Park in Danvers yesterday.

By adamg - 11/25/09 - 9:20 am

Around 11:30 a.m., apparently.

Via the Herald, which wags its stern editorial finger at kids today.

Meeping music video (do NOT listen at work without headphones).

By adamg - 11/17/09 - 3:59 pm

When New York lawyer Theodora Michaels read about the meeping ban at Danvers High School, she wanted to do something. After careful and diligent consideration, she sat down at her computer and sent an e-mail message to several Danvers school officials that read, in its entirety:


Michaels reports she got back a reply saying her note had been turned over to Danvers Police.

By adamg - 11/13/09 - 9:26 am

But here is an example of why that principal is so concerned about meeping students.

By adamg - 11/12/09 - 8:55 am

Danvers High School has banned students from going 'meep!'

High school Principal Thomas Murray said students were using it and other words to disrupt school in a particular part of the building on Cabot Road. The term later became part of a disruption some students were planning online.

School Superintendent Wile E. Coyote was unavailable for comment.

By adamg - 7/22/09 - 11:01 am

The Salem News reports a Danvers man was arrested yesterday after he allegedly tried to run down his local garbagemen because they wouldn't take all of his trash under a new town regulation limiting the amount of trash in a single container.

By adamg - 12/21/08 - 3:36 pm

And, no, not the mall you were thinking of: The Salem News reports four people were arrested Thursday evening after what police say may have been a gang-related fight at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers - in which one alleged thug was armed with a hammer and another with a wrench:

Danvers police Sgt. David Joyce said that every available officer on duty went to the mall in response to a call from mall security around 9 p.m. The mall was crowded with holiday shoppers, Joyce said.

By adamg - 11/27/06 - 12:08 pm

Danvers resident Dan Kennedy doesn't get the fire chief's refusal to let federal chemical investigators on the explosion scene:

... Those of us who live in Danvers deserve an explanation as to why the CSB isn't being allowed in.

On Blue Mass. Group, Ernie wonders that the chief might be hiding:

By adamg - 11/24/06 - 10:27 am

Jenglo is a nurse at a hospital near Danvers, and was on duty when the ink plant exploded. After her shift, she went over to Danvers High School to help care for residents of the New England Home for the Deaf - evacuated after the explosion:

I tried to wheel one man to a spot at a table, and the woman next to him pulled him back. Then, she started pointing at her ring finger where there was a huge, gold band and a solitaire diamond band. I asked an interpreter what was going on, and she said, "They're married. His wife doesn't know where you're taking him."

By adamg - 11/23/06 - 12:40 pm

Andrew Jacob films from within the blast zone, with original music composed the night of the explosion, "The Night Before Turkey Day Explosion:"

By adamg - 11/22/06 - 11:13 pm

Suggestions from the state - money is better than physical goods.


Danversport Victim Fund
Danvers Bank
1 Conant St.
Danvers, MA 01923

By adamg - 11/22/06 - 8:19 pm

Alfred Nylund lives near the ink plant. He reports:

... My windows were blown in and there was a weird glow outside like dusk, or a solar eclipse, only with an eerie red tinge. Just across the river, where the chemical plant once stood, there rose 300 feet into the sky a mushroom cloud. It's no wonder that people thought that this was the end of it all... World War III, and they ARE nuking small town America, just like "The Day After" said they would! Only no Steve Guttenberg running around like an idiot.

People wandered the streets checking to see if their neighbors were alright. Closer to the blast zone, these wandering people were the walking wounded. It was a surreal experience.

Every house on my street sustained significant damage ...

Michael Agri videos the fire - and captures commentary from other residents watching the inferno:

More video here and here.

By adamg - 11/22/06 - 4:35 pm

In searching YouTube for videos of this morning's explosion, I ran across Tyler LaVite's video on the demolition of the Danvers Insane Asylum, built in 1874 but mostly torn down this year to make way for a residential development:

More photos, history and demolition updates.

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