By - 9/24/09 - 4:52 pm

Unfortunately, it's by blindsiding you with nearly $40 of parking violations, giving you a nearly impossible way to challenge it, and then hitting you with a ticket as I recently found out.

By - 8/30/09 - 4:51 pm


BYOP and youth organizers demand a year-round Youth Pass.

By - 8/21/09 - 1:14 pm

The Globe engages in some local community coverage!

By - 8/21/09 - 10:24 am

UPDATED to reflect that the indecent involved a pedestrian, not a motor vehicle as I first thought.

The 9:30pm outbound Kingston commuter rail struck a man near the Essex Street crossing in Whitman Thursday night; the first emergency call was received at 10:06 pm, according to chatter heard on a police scanner. I cannot confirm whether or not that this incident was fatal.

Curiously, I can't find one mention of this in local media - not even the local South Shore papers. I guess T accidents after daylight hours don't give good enough photo ops to make the news.

By - 5/31/09 - 2:02 am

Red line service was stopped around 1:30 AM today due to a girl jumping on the tracks, tweets Kevin Gilnack. The unknown female then proceeded to run up the tracks from Park Street and was caught at the Charles/MGH station.

Service was stopped due to officials turning off the third rail. Bus connections were apparently delayed too.

By - 2/12/09 - 10:53 pm

Medford Transcript poll: What do you think of the Green Line ending at Route 16?


Vote early and often!

By - 11/22/08 - 8:33 am

Ouch! That's loud and early! Central Square (in Lynn, not Cambridge) is not happy this morning and the MBTA is going to hear about it.


By - 11/12/08 - 11:56 am

Imagine my surprise when I go to pay my parking fee at Middleboro/Lakeville and see a "New Parking Rate $3.00/day" sign! The MBTA has heard our pleas and compromised with us! Hooray!

Imagine my utter confusion when I see a sign that contradicts this 3 feet to the right.

What gives?

By - 8/30/08 - 2:58 pm

Apropos of the MBTA's court order-enforced prior restraint gag order against MIT students, we now see see powerful credit card companies pressure the producers of Discovery Channel Mythbusters to not air programs they've developed that reveal similar security problems.

By - 8/21/08 - 4:40 pm

They might wish to have a word with the MBCR's commuter-rail conductors. From a Worcester-line rider's note to the MBCR about a late train on Aug. 14:

... It's bad enough to have your trains arrive over 30 minutes late with no signage indicating so at the station! The female conductor did not even bother to collect fares. I asked another passenger who boarded at South Station, and she said that the conductor did not collect for passengers boarding there either. ...

By - 8/18/08 - 10:58 am

Since when are the MBTA Transit Police allowed to make traffic stops on Huntington Avenue? Spotted at ~10:10, between South Huntington and Mission Hill (nowhere near a bus stop or any other MBTA property, and no buses or trolleys in sight, either): male and female officers from one of the "wagon" Transit Police units, inspecting the license of a driver and speaking to her.

A little background on how complicated Chapter 90 authority can be.

By - 7/24/08 - 12:25 pm

For a long time, and likely longer than most would like to remember, the River Street Bridge over Mother Brook (that run down cement bridge by Kelly Field) has been in need of repair or replacement, and has long had a restriction on one side which has been outlined by "Jersey Barriers."

Sometime last night, people on e-distribution for Police District E-18 got a message from CitizenObserver.Com (the BPD's e-blast service) announcing the bridge would close to traffic in one direction starting this coming Monday, July 28 in order to perform repairs.

By - 7/16/08 - 6:35 pm

The Kenmore bus station is finally getting its scaly glass skin.


By - 5/5/08 - 6:17 pm

Another step forward for the Somerville Green Line: State transportation folks announced this afternoon proposed stops in Somerville and Medford (sort of). The Cambridge Chronicle has the list.

By - 3/28/08 - 10:31 pm

Every time I walk by the AT&T store in Central Square, I notice the snide, laser-printed signs in the window:


And, technically, it's true. AT&T is, of course, a communications company. "A place to wait for the bus" is less of a "communications company", and more of a "location". Tougher to brand, too, though Wall's done a decent job of it.

Then again, it's wrong, on so many levels:

* The sidewalk is not AT&T property

By - 3/26/08 - 10:55 pm

After yesterday's crash, a Commuter Rail-riding friend (who was not on that train) got this email today from the powers that be:

Subject: Providence/Stoughton Disruption 3.25.2008


By - 1/31/08 - 12:58 pm

There's no way to summarize Mike Mennonno's post about getting from Somerville to Boston Medical Center by MBTA bus, so just go read it.

By - 10/12/07 - 9:33 am
By - 4/16/07 - 1:46 pm

The T Riders Union (TRU), a public transit riders advocacy group, is holding a rally in front of the State House tomorrow to protest the T's ballooning debt that keeps shoveling the burden onto riders in the form of 3 fare hikes in 6 years.

Riders calling for the State legislature to pass MBTA debt relief legislation and will be joined by co-sponsors of the bill (Representatives Carl Sciortino, Liz Malia, and Brian Wallace.)

It'll be a fun rally complete with political theatre and a rider being "crushed" by a massive weight with "MBTA debt" written on the sides.