Glenn Ordway

By - 2/13/13 - 7:59 pm

Boston Sports Media Watch reports on Glenn Ordway's departure from WEEI.

By - 8/16/11 - 7:27 pm

A couple of Staties visited David Portnoy of Barstool Sports and suggested it might be best for all concerned if he took down the nekkid photos of the Brady kid, if you know what they mean, and they think you do, so he did. At least, for today.

By - 2/28/07 - 3:33 pm

As I type this, Glenn Ordway and his pals are ripping Universal Hub for the Cedric Maxwell story. Bloggers are irresponsible, unlike the "real" media - except for the Herald's Jesse Noyes who must be a blogger in disguise, because he wrote about it. Bloggers hide behind anonymity. Bloggers never get things right.

Oh, and our original post here about Maxwell was wrong because Maxwell was clearly imitating Tommy Heinsohn (thanks for playing the clip over and over, Glenny).