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By adamg - 4/9/24 - 9:11 pm

Brookline.news reports the woman charged with the Longwood graffiti was recently fired from a job at the MBTA.

By adamg - 4/5/24 - 3:33 pm

Select Board Chairman Bernard Greene says the MBTA quickly responded to a town request to erase the "Zionist Pigs" and peace symbol somebody sprayed on at least one signboard at the Longwood Green Line stop yesterday.

Greene adds: Read more.

By adamg - 1/29/22 - 9:09 pm
Snow at Longwood station on the Green Line

Roving UHub photographer Anna Geneva captured the Longwood Green Line stop tonight.

She probably enjoyed the view a bit more than the driver who managed to get a beefy SUV stuck on the Green Line in Cooldige Corner - not to mention the people in the trolleys on either side who got blocked by it, like Agiocochook1: Read more.

By adamg - 10/30/17 - 5:47 pm

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the Riverside Line due to a deceased trolley at Longwood. Andy Stocker reports:

Stuck a train's length west of Longwood in the D line OB. Half hour. They say we'll move soon. Can't get off, not at platform.

By adamg - 10/17/17 - 8:16 am
Longwood turkeys

Kristin Bridier spotted this pair beating it out of Brookline this morning.

By adamg - 5/11/15 - 9:03 am
Countdown clock at Longwood on the Riverside Line

Photo by MBTA.

The MBTA reports this morning it's turned on countdown clocks at all the Riverside Line stops in Brookline.

By adamg - 4/17/14 - 8:49 am

Transit Police report charging Alexander Frank, 21, of Framingham, with committing self service while staring at the woman sitting next to him on an inbound D Line trolley around 9:45 a.m. on April 8.

The woman exited at Longwood; Frank did not get off there.

Police say detectives nabbed Frank yesterday at Riverside station. He's scheduled for arraignment today in Newton District Court on a formal charge of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Innocent, etc.<.>

By adamg - 2/10/13 - 6:50 pm

At Longwood on the Green Line.

The MBTA forwards a photo of somebody waiting for the train at Longwood this evening.

By adamg - 6/8/12 - 9:23 am

Dukakis on the T

Our roving UHub photographer assures us that's Mike Dukakis getting onto a crowded Green Line trolley at Longwood this morning - just like he used to do when he was governor.

By adamg - 10/24/10 - 9:53 am

UPDATE: Victim identified as recent BU graduate living in Brighton. See comments.

The MBTA reports:

On October 24, 2010 at 12:19am Green Line operations notified the MBTA Transit Police of an accident between Longwood and Fenway on the D Line. A number of units were dispatched. Brookline Police and Fire Departments were notified and upon arrival with EMS determined the incident to be a fatality. Initial investigation indicated the person was struck by an eastbound trolley. He was found in the gauge of the eastbound track, west of Fenway Station. This area of the tracks is fenced on both sides.

By adamg - 8/19/10 - 11:48 am

David BowieMBTA Transit Police report arresting a Salem man yesterday after he allegedly exposed himself to a woman on an inbound D trolley and then began fondling himself.

David Bowie, 57, was arrested at Kenmore station around 4:20 p.m. on a charge of being a Super Creep, specifically, open and gross lewdness.

By Brett - 9/14/09 - 8:50 pm

This evening, a female pedestrian was struck at the intersection of Longwood Avenue and Huntington Avenue by a hit-and-run driver. Waiting for the T, I saw the aftermath; a MassArt campus police car blocked one lane while the victim, hidden behind the jersey barrier and about 10-20 feet away from the crosswalk, lay on the ground. A young man was possibly an acquaintance. Someone offered their jacket, which was welcomed. A young woman in scrubs appeared to look her over/speak to her.

By adamg - 3/1/09 - 3:26 pm

As if Riverside commuters didn't have enough to worry about, now people getting off at Longwood have to dodge the blood-crazed killer turkeys of Brookline.

Digiphile somehow evaded them long enough to post the photo.

By Brett - 9/9/08 - 11:04 am

This street (Longwood Avenue- Google Streetview avoided part of it) is extremely congested. It's also one of two ways to get into the emergency room for Children's Hospital. The lanes are small on this three lane road, and the whole thing is marked no-parking.

By adamg - 6/16/08 - 9:46 am
Turkey on the loose

You know what's going to happen when you park your fool Cadillac in a crosswalk in the Longwood Medical Area? A turkey's going to jump on your car and peck at it mercilessly, as Tom Wheaton observed.

By adamg - 4/23/08 - 8:15 pm

Paul Levy photographs some detritus from the Icelandic-owned BostonNow: A box dumped by the Green Line tracks at Longwood:

... Too bad, too, that they couldn't at least have picked up their trash before they folded.

By adamg - 4/18/08 - 9:26 am

Evan was there with a camera:

... It was pretty spectacular...at first, I saw the driver behind the bus waving his arms and cursing. There was molten stuff dripping beneath the back of the bus that was flaming...then the flames started to grow and reach for the trees above the bus. When I heard a small explosion and the back of the bus blow off, I decided to walk away and watch the rest of the action from the safety of our lab building's front porch. ...

By adamg - 4/7/08 - 11:14 pm

Kristin Huang is a first-year student at Harvard Medical School. First year means dissection and it's pretty rough (and then, the next day, even rougher). Definitely NOT for the squeamish (her subject lines begin with "Dismemberment" and "Mutiliation"), but it can give you some idea of what doctors in training have to go through.

By adamg - 12/19/07 - 1:47 pm

Paul Levy provides the photographic proof that commuters, patients and visitors no longer have to risk their lives getting up the steps and path from the Green Line to the Longwood area:

As late as yesterday, the walkway was a sheet of ice several inches thick. There had been no effort to clear it or to spread sand on it. It was treacherous.

This morning, though? All clear.

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