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Dustin Pedroia

By adamg - 4/10/08 - 10:59 pm

That's what Karl already is after watching Sox games - or to be exact, 60 bazillion Bob's commercials and enough Sullivan Tire commercials to last him a lifetime:

... This season's Sullivan Tire meatpuppet is Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia, and he somehow manages to make Francona look like Daniel Day-Lewis. Pedrioa displays the onscreen charisma of a cinderblock as he stares down his cue card. ...

By adamg - 11/12/07 - 5:26 pm

Empyreal Environs loves it:

Dustin Pedroia has been proving naysayers wrong his entire life and this most recent honor may at last quiet those doubters. Even if the skeptics continue to harp on his untraditional build and technique, the infielder will do the same he has done for the past 24 years: ignore them.

By adamg - 11/11/07 - 4:45 pm

Denton reacts:

... Welcome to the rank of badass, Dustin. Reason number 267,943 to love this team.

By adamg - 5/3/07 - 8:02 am

Rob appreciates the 2007 Josh Beckett:

... One thing that impresses me a lot about Becks is that he is keeping his pitch count down. He only threw 103 pitches tonight. If we had needed him to, he could have easily started the 8th inning. But, we have Okajima, who got his 7th Hold of the season with a hitless inning. What a find he's been. What makes Okajima even more enjoyable to watch is the fact that the Yankees could have had bought him from Yomiuri before us, but didn't. ...

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