By - 8/23/17 - 11:53 am

State Police report they are investigating an incident at the Shirley Avenue bathhouse yesterday evening: Read more.

By - 8/7/17 - 4:06 pm
Wanted for skimmers

Cambridge Police have released photos of a guy they say installed a skimmer device on an ATM in Boston last month that let him grab $800 from a Cambridge resident's account. The photos come from a Revere ATM where he used the resident's account information to make a withdrawal.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-349-9322.

By - 7/26/17 - 11:43 pm

Angel "Bravo" Pineda, 21, of Revere, was sentenced to 93 months in federal prison today after admitting involvement in a criminal conspiracy and for his role in a failed bid to kill a leader of a rival gang, the US Attorney's office reports.

Read more.

By - 7/22/17 - 11:31 pm

David Parsons was on hand as sculptor Dmitry Klimenko took in his work at the Revere Beach sand sculpting competition today.

Stevil also strolled the beach today: Read more.

By - 7/19/17 - 11:12 am
Sailing ship made of sand at Revere

RoadTrip New England went down to Revere Beach for the start of the sand sculpting competition.

By - 6/30/17 - 8:45 am

The Revere Journal interviews the owners of the Banana Boat on Revere Beach.

By - 6/14/17 - 3:23 pm
Chelsea Street Bridge sign

MassDOT reports it's turning on a network of eight signs on roads leading to the Chelsea Street Bridge that will alert motorists when the bridge is unpassable because a boat is passing underneath or it's otherwise stuck and unable to carry traffic. Read more.

By - 6/13/17 - 9:51 am

WBZ reports two homes were destroyed on Taft Street by a four-alarm fire that broke out shortly after 4 p.m. Stephen M. reports houses behind them were damaged in the 2014 tornado.

By - 6/3/17 - 11:19 am

Matthew Robare doesn't much like the initial concept of Suffolk Downs being replaced by an Assembly Square clone, because that would mean another car-centric "cargo cult urbanism" type mall with giant garages and pedestrian-forbidding streets that would just suburbanize parts of two cities:

The North End is how Suffolk Downs should be redeveloped. No parking, high lot coverage, narrow streets. Actually urban instead of the "Ye olde towne centre" fakery of Assembly Square.

By - 6/1/17 - 7:05 pm
Rainbow over the Reserved Channel

Krista Easterly enjoyed some rainbow action over the Reserve Channel and Boston Harbor this afternoon.

Dr. B watched the storm retreat from Revere Beach: Read more.

By - 5/5/17 - 9:54 am

The Revere Journal reports NECCO has sold its Revere facility to a couple of out-of-town companies. That's good news for the city, to which NECCO hasn't been paying taxes of late, but raises questions about what happens to the Skybar maker, which moved to Revere in 2003 from Cambridge.

By - 4/16/17 - 9:52 pm

NBC Boston reports multiple cars were hit in the Squire Road parking lot of the Showcase Cinemas.

Police escorted people with their hands up out of the theater, after the theater was first locked down.

By - 4/12/17 - 9:41 am
Cod weathervane

But it helps. This weathercod sits atop the State Police (formerly MDC Police) barracks at Revere Beach.

By - 4/11/17 - 8:18 pm

Confession: After spending three hours in the un-air-conditioned concrete box that is the Board of Appeals hearing room in City Hall, the UHub Mobile Action News Unit had to escape - all the way to Revere Beach for some Kelly's by the sea.

Quite a few people had a similar idea, although most were better dressed for the circumstances, like in bathing suits. The more adventurous ran straight into the frigid waters - where none stayed for very long.

By - 4/9/17 - 7:16 pm
Where I-95 was supposed to go in Revere

Undead I-95 remains in Revere.

The unfinished northern half of the cloverleaf in Canton where 95 was supposed to head into Boston from the south is perhaps better known, but there's also the undone right-of-way where the highway was supposed to come out of Boston and smash through some marshes in Revere at Copeland Circle - which our own Cybah walked today.

By - 3/30/17 - 3:24 pm

The State House News Service reports on the approval by the state Gaming Commission. The move clears the way for the massive redevelopment of the site on the Revere/East Boston line, although racing should continue for another year.

By - 3/19/17 - 12:52 pm

UPDATE: Add a charge of receiving stolen property over $250: Police say the U-Haul was stolen.

A Cambridge man with a record as a terrible driver faces numerous charges after he allegedly led police on a two-town trail of destruction overnight, Saugus Police report. Read more.

By - 3/13/17 - 9:24 pm

Elmer Cat reports:

I went to the Shaw's in Revere today, but there was literally nothing left inside the store!


By - 3/10/17 - 10:57 am

With the Wynn casino in Everett now under construction, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that a judge should consider whether the state Gaming Commission violated a law requiring public deliberations during its considerations on whether to award a license to Wynn or a competing proposal at Suffolk Downs. Read more.

By - 1/27/17 - 5:48 pm

Revere police officer Angela Halcovich was arraigned today on charges she beat two children in her care and then let her boyfriend, fellow Revere cop Marcos Garcia, beat them as well, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.