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Bunker Hill

By adamg - 10/31/19 - 9:18 am

Bearing Arms reports that the musket first fired by a colonial at the Battle of Bunker Hill recently sold at auction for $492,000.

An anonymous buyer snapped up the historical item after it was put up for auction by the family of Private John Simpson, which had held onto the Dutch Type III musket over the centuries.

Via Le Sabot.

By adamg - 6/17/19 - 12:40 pm

Today is, of course, Bunker Hill Day. A couple years ago, Angry Staff Officer took a look at the military tactics used by both sides, including a key mistake made by Gen. William Howe on the British side that, he argues, led to the eventual loss of the entire Boston area.

By adamg - 12/8/16 - 3:49 pm

Four men have been charged with gun-trafficking charges in connection with gun sales in the BHA's Bunker Hill project earlier this year, the US Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 6/16/16 - 11:22 am

J.L. Bell explores the display of crossed swords from opponents at the Battle of Bunker Hill (the anniversary for which is, of course, as any BPS student will tell you, tomorrow).

By adamg - 10/1/15 - 2:19 pm

The Boston Housing Authority said today it's chosen Corcoran Jennison of Dorchester to completely rebuild and expand the Bunker Hill development into a mixed-income community. Read more.

By adamg - 3/23/15 - 8:50 am

The Globe reports the Boston Housing Authority is looking to renovate its Bunker Hill project in Charlestown by hiring a developer to add "hundreds of market-rate units to the 1,100 low-income units that are there now."

By adamg - 9/28/13 - 10:07 am

Don Hagist deconstructs a famous painting of the battle.

Via J.L. Bell.

By adamg - 5/4/13 - 8:10 pm

J.L. Bell explains why it took news of the Battle of Bunker Hill three days longer to reach New York than news of the Battle of Lexington:

The Provincial Congress delayed its report until its committee had a good sense of what had happened and/or could put a good spin on events.

By adamg - 6/17/12 - 9:54 am

Battle of Bunker HillBattle of Bunker Hill, by E. Percy Moran, from the Library of Congress.

An early example of winning the battle but losing the war. Today, it's an official municipal holiday in Boston and Somerville (part of Charlestown at the time of the battle).

Among the Americans who died was Joseph Warren, shown here clutching his chest moments after suffering the gunshot wound that would shortly kill him (Note: He was actually shot in the head):

By adamg - 4/4/11 - 10:14 am

Derek Beck, writing a book about the events of 1775, digs up photos taken of Joseph Warren's skull when his body was being moved in 1855 to Forest Hills Cemetery and uses them to show how Warren was not shot from behind while retreating, but rather facing the enemy front first:

Due to the low muzzle velocity of the musket, as evidenced by their extremely limited range, one can deduce that in order for a ball to pass entirely through the skull, the fatal shot was fired from close range.

By adamg - 6/17/09 - 8:21 pm

Local Spice is not afraid to admit being one of those people who gets Bunker Hill Day off; takes the opportunity to visit Bunker Hill:

... I've admittedly been to the monument before, but this was my 1st time scaling the monument's 294 steps, and then competing with the tourists at the top to get a look out the windows and take my snappy pictures. ...

By adamg - 3/9/09 - 12:53 am

There was a fundraiser at the Warren Tavern last night to help build a memorial to Irish children who died in Charlestown after fleeing the Famine in Ireland:

Between the years 1845-1850 at the height of An Gorta Mor, The Great Irish Famine, hundreds of Irish children were buried at the St. Francis de Sales Cemetery, on the north slope of Bunker Hill. Many of these children were born in Ireland but died shortly after their arrival on these shores. None of these children have a headstone or marker to mark their final resting place.

And let's not forget the British soldiers from the Revolution.

By adamg - 12/21/08 - 10:28 am

You'd probably have the same reaction as Donnie Wahlberg to the women who kept going up and down the Tobin - 36 times in all - to get a brief glimpse of him sitting in a car waiting to film a scene in the gritty "Bunker Hill" pilot:

The two women, Meghan and Michelle, also posted some photos and way more video, of course.

By adamg - 6/21/07 - 8:57 am

You know, "Don't fire 'till you see the whites of their eyes!" J.L. Bell considers the evidence for which commander yelled the phrase.

By adamg - 6/15/07 - 7:46 am

J.L. Bell sets us straight here, but also discusses why the distinction between Bunker and Breed's Hill mattered on that fateful day.

Special fun only-in-Boston note: This Monday is officially Bunker Hill Day in Suffolk County, which means all municipal offices will be closed. Also, public schools.

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