By - 11/26/17 - 4:36 pm
Copper thieves

Walpole Police report they are looking for two guys - one wearing a headlamp - who used a Chevy pickup truck and a trailer to make off with some 4,000 pounds of copper from a scrap yard sometime late on Nov. 19 or early on Nov. 20. Read more.

By - 11/25/16 - 12:31 am
Empty lines outside Walpole Walmart

Outside the Walpole Walmart, 11:50 p.m.

Normally, the lines outside the Walmart in Walpole and the Best Buy in Dedham for the Black Friday sales start Thursday morning and stretch way, way back around the sides of the building.

Tonight, though, most of the twisty lanes Walmart created with barriers to slow the hordes went empty. Read more.

By - 11/12/16 - 11:43 pm

UPDATE: Students exonerated.

One of the Babson dudes who drove around Wellesley College to taunt students there after the election apologized today for being a jerk. No word if his apology is enough to get him back into his frat, which kicked him out.

The Walpole guy who posed in front of a local Mexican restaurant with a large Trump banner, then posted on Facebook that the owners would be paying for the wall, apologized - by way of a full-page ad in the Walpole Times. He says he meant no offense, he was just in a joking kind of mood and besides, it was only that he's a Facebook dunce that he made the post public.

By - 8/19/16 - 10:52 am
Trump sign in Walpole

Kevin Connolly this morning shows us the tree in front of the Walpole house where a spelling-challenged Trump hater keeps stealing the sign. Connolly notes this is not his house.

By - 8/18/16 - 9:17 am
Letter from moron in Walpole who keeps stealing somebody's Trump sign

Somebody in Walpole who supports Donald Trump put up a Trump sign. It got stolen. He put up another one. Got stolen, too. Put up a third one - but like 10 feet up. It got stolen, too, but this time the thief felt compelled to leave a note explaining why he or she keeps stealing the signs. Kevin Connolly provides the photo.

Ed. note: Morons complaining about the stupidity of others should probably proofread their complaints first.

By - 5/12/16 - 4:36 pm

Peter Wilson reports the Franklin Line's newfound slowness is due to the way somebody drove a cement truck into a bridge carrying the line in Walpole.

By - 11/27/15 - 2:15 am
Guy giving out instructions at Walpole Wal-Mart

Worker tells crowd where the hot deals are.

The doors opened at 1 a.m. at the Walpole Walmart. Workers let in 10 to 15 shoppers - the earliest of whom had been there since 4 p.m. - at a time.

Wal-Mart shoppers

Just in case, four of Wapole's finest were on hand: Read more.

By - 11/28/14 - 12:08 am
First in line at the Walpole Walmart

This guy was first in line at the Walpole Walmart tonight. He says he got there at 1 p.m. to make sure he could get some video games, a game controller and a TV stand for his mom. What about Thanksgiving dinner? He said his dad cooked dinner early so he could eat with him and still have time to get to the Walmart.

The next people in line were all sitting in chairs and mostly bundled up completely, like those mountain climbers with their own mini-tents.

By - 11/28/13 - 11:54 pm
Bundled up at Walmart

The people at the front of the line outside the Walpole Walmart around 11 p.m. were in no mood to talk about when they got there or what they were going to buy or do much of anything besides huddling inside their cocoons.

There was a similar scene outside the Dedham Best Buy, although the overall line there was a lot shorter.

By - 1/7/13 - 8:05 pm

MBCR graffiti

Kat G. says she was pretty surprised to see graffiti on an inbound train this evening at Walpole.

Very hard to hit an MBCR train. Guaranteed it will be buffed by tonight.

By - 11/23/12 - 12:38 am

Xbox guy

This guy was first in line at the Walmart. He reports he got there at 2 a.m. to make sure he got an Xbox and some games. Also some oranges and grapes, he joked. Bathroom breaks? Around the corner, at least until the line extended back there.

Not refugees. Walmart customers.Not refugees. Walmart customers.

By - 9/10/10 - 5:32 pm

This is the mailing that has Stephen Lynch in a tizzy.
[size=9]click on image for expanded view or view the PDF in Scribd[/size]

By - 9/6/10 - 3:04 pm

Lynch plays his cards close to the vest in what seems like a defensive style of politics. It certainly is not leadership-driven.

Take his process on the health care bill debate last summer. From March through August we heard Rep.Lynch say he didn't know how he'd vote on the bill. At the same time, he did not take a leadership role in shaping it. In August at Curry, Rep. Lynch held a town hall meeting and said he had read the bill but still didn't know how he was going to vote. Once again, his constituents could not get a bead on where he stood.

Perhaps even more stunningly at that town hall meeting, Rep. Lynch was given the chance to answer a question about death panels (after all he had read the bill) and refudiate (sic) ;-) the meme that right wing Republican liars and Fox News had made popular. Lynch equivocated! He would not take a stand!

By - 7/31/09 - 10:46 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today upheld Martin Guy's first-degree conviction for a savage 1998 murder in Walpole's Bird Park.

By - 7/2/07 - 12:13 pm

I got the following e-mail from somebody who wanted to know if either anybody knows about the situation he describes or Walpole/Norwood forums to which he could post. If you know about either, post here or mail me and I'll forward: