By - 2/2/12 - 5:15 pm

Laura Smeaton, a League of American Bicyclists LCI (League Cycling Instructor) presents a free workshop for those who want to get out on their bikes earlier this year. Stubborn patches of ice, chilly breezes, and cold spring rains will be no match for you once you're equipped with the knowledge from this workshop! Winter? What winter?!

When: Sunday, February 12, 4:00-5:30pm
Where: Ferris Wheels Bike Shop, 66 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 (

By - 10/5/11 - 4:41 pm

Jeffrey Ferris of Ferris Wheels Bike Shop is asking for residents' opinions of two proposals for bicycle infrastructure on Washington Street, just south of Forest Hills Station. Two maps are hanging just inside the front door at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop (66 South Street, Jamaica Plain) showing the proposed options, and you can write down your opinions on the clipboard.

By - 10/5/11 - 4:35 pm

Learn basic bicycle repair at Ferris Wheels Bike Shop (66 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA). Classes are Thursday nights, 7:15-10:15pm and cost $30 each per person. Buy four classes and get one free. Register in the shop at or call 617-514-BIKE (2453) to register by phone.

By - 9/13/11 - 11:17 am

BU Today's Leslie Friday takes Hubway for a spin to find out what all of the fuss is about:

By - 8/20/11 - 12:09 pm

Oh, do check out the inflammatory rhetoric in the Herald. Chris Cassidy is successfully riling up the ragers there.

Yesterday, it was Cyclists, drivers are wheeling and dealing — keying off on ticket numbers and starting with a Steve Murphy slam on bikers. Today, Cyclists plan provocations in Hub bike-car war is even more heavy handed. He does the straw-man thing, manufacturer the pitched battle and sits back.

By - 8/2/11 - 11:07 am

Originally posted at Union Jack Creative on July 29th, 2011 - from two Boston bikers to hundreds of new Hubway riders, nine tips to make biking better for you, and for the rest of us.

It’s no secret that we’re pretty big on bikes. We think they’re pretty fun to ride (and are kind of like magic carpets ferrying you home in the wee hours when everyone else is fighting for cabs) and we love when friends ask us for help breaking into biking in the city. More bikes are better for everyone involved, in our opinion.

And so, though we’re a bit confused as to the target market, we really want to get behind Boston’s Hubway bike share initiative, which had its grand opening last Thursday. Kiosks are up, bikes are out and locals are signing up – but what about that influx of new riders?

By - 9/7/10 - 2:28 pm

BU's Katie Koch shows us firsthand what it's like for a biker on Comm. Ave. Personally, I'm terrified just watching it.

Bike Safety Day is today at BU, and Dean Elmore is giving away a brand new bike (helmet and lock included).

By - 7/12/10 - 10:43 am

Boston: don't miss out on the Tour de France excitement. Jeanie Johnston Pub (144 South Street, Jamaica Plain) is Tour de France 2010 Headquarters! Watch the tour at the pub nightly through July 25 from 8-11pm.

In addition, Ferris Wheels Bike Shop hosts two Party Nights to watch grueling high mountain stages of the 21-day race on July 13 and July 20, 8-11 pm. Party nights feature:

By - 1/13/10 - 2:10 pm

This evolving path runs from the Southwest Corridor at Ruggles Station all the way to Fan Pier in South Boston. Fifteen years in development, the South Bay Harbor Trail is largely ridable today! The trail still needs a few improvements and signage to complete it. The MassDOT public hearing takes place Thursday, Jan.

By - 11/7/09 - 1:35 pm

The Jamaica Plains Gazzette has an article about how Forest Hills Station has run out of Bike Charlie Cards. In it, mention is made (in passing) that this cage for 100 bikes cost $4,800,000 (4.8 million!!!!)

Is this a mispint? Or an indication of Boston graft on an even more massive scale than usual?

By - 7/24/09 - 4:51 pm

Ferris Wheels Bike Shop throws a last-minute Down to the Wire Tour de France Party this Saturday, July 25th, 8-11 pm. Since Lance is defending his place on the podium in the perilous climb up Mont Ventoux, the night seems party-worthy.

Join cycling enthusiasts at Jeanie Johnston Pub, 144 South Street, Jamaica Plain. A free raffle, Tour 101, Tour trivia, and the Jeanie Johnston's great food and drink round out a fun evening.

By - 4/9/09 - 6:04 pm

I'm as much for bikes in Boston as anyone, but the rent-a-bike model isn't everything the Globe cracks it up to be (and Tommy doesn't mention that this trip was a press junket, as Google News makes obvious.) It lines the pocket of a monopolistic private entity, is a back-door tax on bicyclists, and does absolutely nothing to enhance Boston's bike infrastructure.

By - 8/4/08 - 4:22 pm

Received an invite to Mayor Menino's press conference tomorrow, which will cover "Commonwealth Avenue Bike Lanes, Rack installations ... and one item yet to be announced."

A surprise for Boston's biking community! What do you think/hope it is? Selfishly, I'd like the city to extend the Mass. Ave. bridge bike lane another block to Beacon Street.

Press conference tomorrow at 11:00 in the courtyard of the BU School of Communications, 640 Commonwealth Ave. Bring your bike and your helmet.

By - 5/11/08 - 3:38 pm

It's not well-publicized, but there's a bike rally tomorrow to kick off Bay State Bike Week. Meet at Boston City Hall Plaza at 2:00 sharp for a fifteen-minute ride that ends at Post Office Square for the rally.

Boston Bike Czarina Nicole Freedman, Boston Mayor and recent bike enthusiast Tom Menino, and Cambridge Mayor E. Denise Simmons will be on hand to give away free stuff and feel the bike love!

RSVP to [email protected].

By - 7/6/07 - 9:35 am

There will be a bicycle loading from 10AM to 4 or 5PM on Saturday, July 7th, 2007 at building N of the Sam Adams Brewery Complex on Boylston Street (2 blocks south of Stony Brook Station). Those of you who know about Bikes Not Bombs also know that these shipments make a big difference in improving peoples lives with appropriate transportation and education. We have plenty of bicycles. We just need some able-bodied help in loading and packing this container. We'll take a break for lunch (pizza & salad) around 1PM. I'll see you there.
Jon Allen
Bikes Not Bombs