Kevin Garnett

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Honey Nut CheeriosThanks to the investigative reporters at the New York Daily News, we now know how Kevi

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Matt Goisman makes the case that the benefit is more court time for Glen Davis:

Davis still misses more than he makes, but accuracy is a product of repetition. The more playing time he gets, the more shots he takes. The more shots he takes, the more shots he makes. The more shots he makes, the more his confidence builds. The more his confidence builds, the more shots he makes. We’re already seeing this in Davis’ last two months, where his accuracy jumped from .439 to .471 from November to December.

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So the Celtics were "Belichickian" about the nature of Garnett's injury. Does it matter? Celtics Blog says yes, they misled the fans, Red's Army says no, the team doesn't owe fans detailed medical reports. Both agree Grousbeck should stop besmirching Bill Belichick.