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By adamg - 3/15/12 - 9:47 am

The Huntington News reports some concerned dorm mates called 911 for help with a student who had been vomiting for several hours:

The student told EMTs he hit his head on the floor several hours earlier and said he has had several concussions in the past in which vomiting was a side effect. He also said he drank half a bottle of vodka earlier that day.

By adamg - 2/28/12 - 8:10 am

UPDATE: The News has updated its report: The university has decided that because of the vote, it won't allow a Chick-fil-A at the school.

The Huntington News reports the Northeastern Student Government Association voted 31-5 last night to denounce the university's proposal to allow a Chick-fil-A in a remodeled student center.

By adamg - 2/16/12 - 8:11 am

The Huntington News reports the chicken chain is negotiating with Northeastern to open a six-day-a-week outlet in a renovated Curry Student Center this summer.

By adamg - 2/12/12 - 1:06 pm

So David Portnoy tells the Globe's Joanna Weiss how he was moved by tales of sexual assault at a rally against his Blackout party:

Portnoy showed up, intending to take the microphone himself and offer a half-satirical, half-serious response: Naming a few comedians, for instance, who have joked about rape, with little consequence. But then he saw that women were sharing real, painful stories about sexual assault. So instead, he stayed silent, and watched.

“It was kind of emotional," Portnoy told me last week. "We're just as anti-rape as they are ... It's not our intent, with jokes, to poke fun at rape victims."

Aw, brings a tear to the eye, it does. Unfortunately, Portnoy's own video shows a different story: He went up front, did some bla-bla-bla hand motions as protesters cursed him out, then finally got shouted out of the rally. Just like organizers of the event described:

By adamg - 2/9/12 - 8:02 am

The Huntington News reports at least three students got in a touch of trouble before they ever got to Barstool Sports' Northeastern Blackout shindig at the House of Blues, including two found on Columbus Avenue:

By adamg - 2/5/12 - 8:00 pm

BPD command post tonight. Photo by BPD.

At 7:14, Max Voelker tweeted:

BPD Motorcycle Police as well as NUPD patrolling campus already.

At 7:50 p.m., Brian D'Amico tweeted:

7 K9s outside my building, numerous SWAT teams, another spec ops cycle unit down the road. And that's just around campus.

S. Ryder shows all the police forces represented at Northeastern:

By adamg - 2/1/12 - 10:33 pm

UPDATE: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis says memo is misleading; people can't be arrested just for being outside; a Northeastern official agrees. More in the comments.

Residents of at least a couple of Northeastern dorms got a warning tonight from college Residential Life: Don't even think about going outside during or after the Super Bowl:

By adamg - 1/30/12 - 10:24 pm

Not everybody at Northeastern will attend Barstool Sports' Blackout Party for Northeastern at the House of Blues on Thursday.

A group called Knock Out Barstool plans a protest march outside the House of Blues at 7:30 that night:

By adamg - 1/26/12 - 7:37 am

The Huntington News reports a Northeastern grad student who parked his car overnight in a college parking lot on Columbus Avenue returned the next afternoon to find both his side mirrors ripped off and a note "criticizing his parking and threatening to vandalize the car next time it is improperly parked."

By adamg - 1/20/12 - 3:35 pm

A Northeastern vice president is warning students to be on their best behavior following the Patriots/Ravens game on Sunday:

As the Patriots prepare to play for the AFC Championship on Sunday afternoon, I want to remind you that the university expects all students to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner during and after the game.

By adamg - 1/19/12 - 8:10 am

A visiting Aussie lass, however, reports that red Solo cups, of the sort routinely used by Northeastern students to get themselves into the campus newspaper, are a rarity down under:

Imagine my glee upon seeing them in action, in real life, being used as pawns in beer pong. It was pretty great – thank you for this, Northeastern.

By adamg - 1/5/12 - 5:18 pm

Will Onuoha, the mayor's liaison for the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Mission Hill and Fenway for the past six years, is moving over to a similar job at Northeastern's Office of City and Community Affairs - where his boss will be John Tobin, who left the city council for his current job as a Northeastern vice president a year and a half ago. In an e-mail message today, Onuha wrote:

By adamg - 12/8/11 - 7:41 am

The Huntington News reports a fraternity already on double secret probation is on the verge of being kicked out of its national organization because of a September party off campus that ended with a visit from the local constabulary.

By adamg - 11/13/11 - 4:59 pm

Occupy Northeastern

Brian D'Amico reports the Occupy movement came to Northeastern today.

Live video.

By adamg - 11/10/11 - 8:26 am

The Huntington News reports on a proposal by the Mission Hill Problem Property Task Force for a fund to which Northeastern, Wentworth, MassArt and Mass. College of Pharmacy would make contributions to repair vandalism. Northeastern's John Tobin (yes, that John Tobin) says it's unfair to assume that all vandalism on the Hill is the fault of college students.

By adamg - 11/10/11 - 8:06 am

The Huntington News reports on a rash of cellphone thefts on and near campus: High-school-age kids grab phones, then run. One woman who had that happen to her at the Curry Student Center chased the JDs but lost them by Ruggles. When she returned to the student center, she discovered her laptop, which she'd left behind, was now also missing.

By adamg - 10/7/11 - 12:06 pm

UPDATE: Somebody turned the flags into campus police.

The Huntington News reports two American flags with certain colors missing that were hanging in an International Village lobby have gone missing.

By adamg - 9/29/11 - 7:13 am

The Huntington News reports a middle-aged Northeastern student became friends with a more typically aged Huskie - and convinced the kid to lend him "several thousand dollars," allegedly to claim an overseas inheritance or lottery winnings. After stalling the younger student for several weeks over repayment:

By adamg - 9/22/11 - 8:30 am

The Huntington News reports on a new college initiative to reduce town/gown friction by getting students to sign a pledge promising to deport themselves as true Huskies when off campus. Northeastern students were already required to pledge not to be knuckleheads when among the general public:

She said the [old] policy also contained "really strong language," that made it too stern for students to respect.

By adamg - 9/15/11 - 8:11 am

The Huntington News reports a joint operation by Boston and Northeastern police on Sept. 9 swept up some two dozen students on or near campus found in possession of alcohol despite being under 21 - and five over-21 people (one 40) who allegedly bought booze for their underage buds. Also, four people were given a ride to local hospitals for alcohol poisoning, including:

[An 18-year-old male student who was found sitting in vomit at 4 a.m. on Columbus Avenue.

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