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Charles Street

By adamg - 9/7/23 - 11:27 am

Boston Restaurant Talk reports on plans for a proposed Nite Life Cafe at 89 Charles St. on Beacon Hill - and reminds us that that's the same name as a Hanover Street joint where two men were murdered as they tried to rustle up bail money for Joe "The Animal" Barbosa in 1966.

By adamg - 8/24/23 - 9:51 pm

Steve Cooper posts video of one store owner running across Charles Street to rip the spray paint out of the hand of a daylight tagger (audio is NSFW).

By adamg - 8/24/23 - 3:52 pm
James Schaff

The Beacon Hill Times reports four successful break-ins and one failed attempt this past weekend along Charles Street; quotes one business owner who no longer feels safe on the street after moving there from Newbury Street. Read more.

By adamg - 8/8/23 - 4:09 pm
Flooded St. Thomas More Road

A roving UHub correspondent decided discretion was the better part of driving valor and turned around when he saw how flooded St. Thomas More Road, between the BC lower campus and the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, was after today's torrent. Read more.

By adamg - 4/24/23 - 12:27 pm

The owner of the former Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street is asking a judge to throw out a "neighbor agreement" that currently mandates that any bar there close by midnight, now that Boston has a nightlife czar charged with increasing late-night opportunities for denizens thirsty for adult beverages. Read more.

By adamg - 2/1/23 - 12:40 pm

The owner of 151 Charles St. on Beacon Hill yesterday sued the owner of the neighboring 149 Charles St., for what it says is illegal digging in that building's basement, which it claims removed some supports for its building, forcing it to evacuate the tenants who had not already moved after their floors started warping, their walls started cracking and doors and windows stopped closing all the way. Read more.

By adamg - 12/6/22 - 10:52 am

The Zoning Board of Appeal this morning unanimously approved plans for a new Charles Street business that would combine a cafe, a small bookshop and a lounge where people could book hour-long appointments to spend time with up to ten cats. Read more.

By adamg - 11/2/22 - 11:41 am

Update: Beer and wine license approved.

Kured, which has been serving up "fast casual" charcuterie boards at 83 Charles St. on Beacon Hill since last year, learns tomorrow whether it can begin offering beer and wine to go with what people in other neighborhoods might call party platters. Read more.

By adamg - 10/12/22 - 9:27 am

The Beacon Hill Times reports on one catrepreneur's plans to convert a former bank branch at 80 Charles St. into a cafe/bookstore that would also have a room where people could sit and play with cats - separated from the other two rooms for book and coffee lovers who are allergic to or just don't like cats.

Boston's first attempt at a cat cafe, in Brighton, did not end well.

By adamg - 8/13/22 - 11:07 am
Flooded Charles Street

Chris in 02134 shows us the new Lake Charles this morning. Earlier, he watched water bursting up at Charles and Beacon streets and flowing into the Public Garden Lagoon, which broke free from its artificial bounds and flooded the surrounding land: Read more.

By adamg - 8/2/22 - 9:16 am
Creating an ad-hoc bike lane on Charles Street on Beacon Hill

The Boston Cyclists Union organized an ad-hoc people-protected bike lane along Charles Street on Beacon Hill this morning to press the city to add more bike lanes to downtown and adjacent areas.

By adamg - 6/27/22 - 9:59 pm

Live Boston reports that on Saturday, Boston police officers and EMTs rushed to one of the Public Garden fences along Charles Street after a man attempting a feat of derring-do instead wound up impaled on one of the fence's pointy bars.

Responders were able to free him and rush him to Tufts Medical Center for emergency care.

By adamg - 4/11/22 - 12:46 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that what sounds like a place where you can lounge with cats - and being Beacon Hill, books and coffee - could be coming to Charles Street.

Grizzled observers of the local cat scene, of course, will recall that Boston's first cat cafe, in Brighton, didn't work out so well.

By adamg - 3/2/22 - 11:49 am

Update: Approved.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let the current dive-centric owners of the Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street sell the place and its liquor license to a new owner who plans to extensively rehab the place and turn it into something more appropriate for one of Boston's tonier shopping streets. Read more.

By adamg - 12/10/21 - 11:28 am

Maureen Rogers takes us along on a walk down Charles Street to look at all the decorated store windows.

By adamg - 10/28/21 - 10:18 am

The Boston Licensing Board today rejected a request from DeLuca's Market on Charles Street to let customers sip beer or wine while nibbling cheese and meat from wooden boards at tables inside the store. Read more.

By adamg - 10/27/21 - 11:39 am

Update: Request denied.

The Boston Licensing Board could decide tomorrow whether to let DeLuca's Market on Charles Street serve beer and wine at tables to people who want to sup on charcuterie boards of cheese and meat samples. Read more.

By adamg - 10/7/21 - 10:28 am

The Boston Licensing Board today gave restaurants in East Boston and on Beacon Hill permission to expand their beer and wine offerings to include liqueurs and the mixed drinks that can be made with them. Read more.

By adamg - 5/5/21 - 1:53 pm

A company that already offers delivery of both traditional boards of meats and cheeses and 21st-century charcuterie cones hopes to put down some brick-and-mortar roots soon at 83 Charles St., near Pinckney Street. Read more.

By adamg - 2/4/21 - 12:40 pm

The Zoning Board of Appeal this week granted the owners of the Beacon Hill Pub on Charles Street for a rear addition that will let them add three new apartments to the six that already sit in the building. Read more.

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