Market Basket

By - 2/9/11 - 10:47 pm is done by a Market Basket fan, who apparently grew frustrated at the chain's lack of a proper Web site.

Via Supermarket News via Lin Dolin.

By - 3/6/09 - 8:54 am

Endangered Coffee: If Mel Gibson makes another Mad Max movie, it will be set in a Market Basket on a Saturday:

... Retired folks meander through the aisles, making sure to gently run their carts over the tops of your toes. Anytime you think there might be a little running room in an aisle, some family of 12 comes careening around the corner, parking their cart in front of you and arguing about what kind of Pop Tarts they should buy this week. For good measure, employees will also wheel out towering pallets of breakfast cereal during the busiest part of the day, drop them in the middle of the floor, and then stare idly at the shelves. ...

Compare to:
Hell on earth: The Roche Bros. parking lot the day before Thanksgiving.

By - 1/6/08 - 10:37 am

Yes, the local supermarket chain has some serious fans, like here (check out the photos of Market Baskets) and here. Also check out the forum where Market Basket employees discuss the gross things customers do.

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