franklin line

By - 4/23/08 - 5:00 pm

Quasit escapes from train 715 on the Franklin Line, which seems about ready to grind to a halt from the sheer weight of all the people now crammed into it:

... Ridership has increased enormously; every seat is full to capacity, the aisles are packed solid, and even the vestibules - which are supposed to be off-limits for passengers - are full of riders.

Yesterday there were 14 people riding in the vestibule that I was in. I was in the spot exactly between two cars; that spot is probably the most dangerous on the train, because it's the intersection between the two coaches. ... Fares haven't been collected on the #715 for weeks. Passengers are openly talking about giving up their passes and buying 12-ride tickets instead, because you can easily get a month or two of rides from one; the conductors simply can't check tickets. ...

By - 4/17/08 - 11:00 pm

Steve Sherlock is composing poems for each stop on the Franklin Line - in "sherku" (like haiku, but with two more syllables) - for example:

No family store, no
Five and dime, not here
At Dedham Corporate Center
By - 3/20/08 - 4:40 pm

Now that the T and the MBCR have figured out how to make the trains run on time (it's simple: just change the schedules), how long before they "improve" the Franklin Line, where we see from a new commuter blogger that things are getting annoying?

By - 3/10/08 - 1:12 pm

Both Friday and Monday, Quasit's train from Franklin never stopped at Ruggles due to - sing it with me - signal problems:

I've put in for the on-time service guarantee on both days. Since the train never arrived at my destination, the MBTA can hardly claim that it was on time!

However, he does report some progress: At least conductors announced the bypass on the train.

By - 2/29/08 - 9:56 am

Figures. Those disintegrating, cracked Northeast Corridor ties will affect some MBTA commuters out of South Station. The Globe reports the rail lines between Back Bay and Readville will be shut June 14 through 17 to allow for replacement of the ties there. That means buses for commuters on the Attleboro/Providence, Franklin, Needham and Stoughton lines (dear Globe: What about the Fairmount Line?).

Commute-a-holic, meanwhile, points us to this fun story about the Winchester commuter-rail stop:

Signs warning pedestrians away from the in-bound entrance to the commuter rail station along Waterfield Road in Winchester are still in place, more than two weeks after hundreds of pounds of concrete fell from the ceiling. ...

By - 2/20/08 - 3:16 pm

Dave on the Franklin Line begins his report on this morning's commute thusly:

So I coasted in to Norwood Central this morning to find the usual festive atmosphere that heralds another colossal screw-up by the MBCR. ....

Meanwhile, Jeff Egnaczyk writes to the T to complain about its newly enhanced Worcester Line schedule (no, don't worry, he didn't use any bad words). He reports he got back a reply saying the changes "were negotiated between the MBTA/MBCR and CSX (owner/operator/dispatcher of this line) over the course of several months" and now he wonders:

... Do you know any corporation dedicated to customer service that would make a major change like this without the input of their customers?

By - 2/6/08 - 7:51 pm

Steve Sherlock posts his experiences direct from the train when he lucks out and gets on one of the cars that actually has it.

... For a free service, occasional access to email will be helpful and beneficial. I won't plan on getting any real work done at this connection strength. ...

By - 1/28/08 - 11:45 am

As he watched the lying message board at his stop on the Franklin Line on Friday, Dave got an idea: A Franklin/Forge Park Line Twitter community so users can post actual information about the status of specific trains. In fact, he set one up, at

... I know the MBTA is testing a text messaging system for cell phones, but I'm afraid that'll be manned by the same guys who write fiction for the reader boards. I'd much rather get a tweet from a fellow commuter with real information like "Currently under attack by hippogriffs between Franklin and Norfolk; should be moving again soon," or "Wheels have fallen off, have decided to settle in new land of Wall-Powell and raise family here with guy I met on the train." ...

By - 1/26/08 - 9:25 am

On the Franklin Line, Dave reports he's applied for another MBTA rebate, thanks to another late train, but wonders what he'd do with it since he already buys a monthly pass:

... Maybe my kids can use them to play train. We'll set up some chairs in the living room and just sit there and it'll be like the real thing. I'll get angrier and angrier and the kids will laugh and laugh. ...

By - 1/17/08 - 1:13 pm

Dave reports the 708 out of Franklin was 45 minutes late today.

By - 1/11/08 - 7:24 pm

On the 5:40 Franklin Line train last night passengers got to listen to this odd little exchange over the intercom:

Man: Hello, Mo.

(minute passes)

Man: Helloooo, Mo.

Woman: Hello.

Man: Got a flashlight?

Nothing after that, so we were only left to wonder why the man needed a flashlight so badly, and if Mo had one or not.