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Davis Square

By adamg - 2/5/24 - 1:02 pm
Long line of yellow shuttle buses

SteveBikes yells: Happy Red Line shutdown day from Davis, because, of course, today is the first of ten days of all-day non-stop non-subway action between Alewife and Harvard, with the non-service extended to Park after 8:45 p.m., so the T can do one of those speed-run repair marathons. Read more.

By Sasha Patkin - 8/31/23 - 4:10 pm
Wyn and the White Light perform at Sofar Boston HQ

Wyn and the White Light perform at Sofar Boston HQ. Photos by Sasha Patkin.

The last time I went to a concert it was too loud, tall people stood in front of me the whole time, and canned beers cost $15. While there's a time and place for every experience, and there can be something wonderful about being crammed in one place with thousands of fans and watching your favorite act through a giant LED stage display, sometimes you want a cozier, more intimate setting.

I've been meaning to check out a Sofar Sounds concert for years, but was never quite sure what to expect, which is entirely by design. Based on the premise of hosting secret concerts in unique venues, Sofar promises a serendipitous and intimate concert-going experience. Read more.

By adamg - 7/13/23 - 10:18 am

The wiring fire on a train at Charles/MGH this morning wasn't the only, um, excitement on the Red Line this morning. Owen reported:

I’m in red line car car 01717. As the train came into Davis station the ceiling at the very rear of the platform started crumbling with debris falling across the platform and a large cloud of dust. It send me and a handful of others running in case of larger debris.

By adamg - 6/3/23 - 11:12 pm

The MBTA reports trains are running again on the Red Line between Harvard and Alewife, OK, with 20 minute delays, after crews managed to wrestle a dead train at Davis out of the way.

By adamg - 5/29/23 - 11:02 pm
Disappointed fans at a Somerville bar

Frank Solensky captured the scene, and the mood, at the Elm Street Taproom in Somerville's Davis Square tonight.

By adamg - 5/4/23 - 8:58 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports the pub in Davis Square plans to close in June, after 75 years in business.

By adamg - 2/24/23 - 2:50 pm
Men sought for attack

Surveillance photos via TPD.

Transit Police report they are looking for two men they say attacked an Asian-American woman both verbally and physically at the Davis Square Red Line stop around 5:40 p.m. on Monday. Read more.

By adamg - 11/30/22 - 8:48 pm
Bald eagle landing on North Cambridge roof, near Davis Square

Patrick Knight forwarded a couple of photos his neighbor, Erin H., took of the bald eagle that landed in his backyard on Woodbridge Street in North Cambridge, near Davis Square, today.

By adamg - 11/30/22 - 5:27 pm
Cop and crockpot

Better safe than sorry: Transit Police dispatched the bomb squad to the Davis Square T stop when somebody spotted a pressure cooker just sitting there, Live Boston reports, adding that the thing was, in fact, a discarded pressure cooker.

By adamg - 11/24/22 - 10:55 am
Man dressed as a turkey in Somerville race

Joe Blankenship gives us a taste of Thanksgiving, Somerville style. You get up early to run in the Gobble Gobble Gobble race, then retire to the Burren to slake that thirst you've worked up: Read more.

By adamg - 1/31/22 - 9:58 am
Two stuck buses at Davis busway

Andrew Ferreira shows us the scene at the Davis Square bus stop around 9:30 a.m., where two buses got stuck, leaving another 10 northbound buses behind them unable to move as well.

By adamg - 9/17/21 - 11:59 pm
Somerville Theatre re-opens

The Somerville Theatre ran its projectors for the public tonight for the first time since it shut in March, 2020. Our own Ron Newman was there for re-opening night. He saw Last Night in Rozzie.

By adamg - 1/21/21 - 12:57 pm

A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit by Jonathan Monsarrat over postings in a Somerville community forum, saying the forum's moderator did nothing wrong or defamatory when he moved the entire discussion group from a server owned by Russians to one based in the US. Read more.

By adamg - 6/29/20 - 11:10 am

Bus shuttles starting up between Harvard and Alewife.

On Friday, a man was hit and killed by a Red Line train at Porter Square.

The person was eventually extricated and taken to a local hospital for treatment.

By adamg - 12/2/19 - 9:00 am
Tree down in Seven Hills Park in Somerville

Roving UHub photographer Jim Kang is beginning to wonder if the trees in Seven Hills Park in Davis Square are particularly fragile.

By adamg - 11/18/19 - 9:15 am
No train at Davis Square, sign says everything is stopped

Hey, sign, how's the Red Line?

Mister Jon is among the discouraged hordes at Davis Square for the first Red Line commute after the first Red Line Repair Weekend and he reports things are not going well: Read more.

By adamg - 5/3/19 - 8:20 pm
By adamg - 5/1/19 - 10:21 am
Wanted for Somerville bank robbery, shooting at officer

State Police and police in Somerville and surrounding communities are looking for a man they say robbed a bank in Davis Square this morning, then fired a shot at a responding officer, but missed. Read more.

By adamg - 4/5/19 - 5:08 pm

A train with mechanical issues at Davis Square is gumming up the Red Line, the MBTA reports.

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