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By Neal - 10/14/23 - 12:37 am

View of the Great Chelsea Fire of 1973 from Burlington's Civil Defense HQ in Overlook Park on Winnmere Hill. Photo by Steve Duke

Burlington Retro's Robert Fahey recounts the reaction and response in Greater Boston (or more specifically, Burlington) to the Great Chelsea Fire of 1973, which happened fifty years ago today.

By Douglas Bennett - 11/26/13 - 11:14 am

You know when you are heading for victory when anonymous posters attack and ridicule you. It always out of fear, hatred, and jealousy that these "stalker trolls" attack you when you are on the brink of success and triumph.

My good friend Moe Love obviously does not like the fact that yes I am a former Republican. However, fortunately I am in good company.

My opponent Steve Tompkins, a Press Secretary, registered as a Democrat only this past April 1, 2013 according to the Boston Elections Department. Before that he was a Republican.

By Douglas Bennett - 5/29/13 - 11:13 pm


BOSTON- Dorchester’s Douglas Bennett for Sheriff of Suffolk County.

Bennett's statement is as follows and he will be explaining to the voters why they should vote for him tomorrow morning Friday May 31th at 7AM on TOUCH 106.1FM:

"With the appointment of Andrea Cabral to the Public Safety Cabinet Position in the Governor’s administration, there will be a special election in September 2014 to elect a full-time Sheriff to serve out the remainder of a six year term which expires in 2016. Therefore, I ask for your support for Sheriff of Suffolk County. I am starting early in effort to run an aggressive and triumphant campaign.

As Sheriff, I will oversee a $122 million budget, the Nashua Street Jail and South Bay House of Correction, and the Civil Service Process here in the county.

By icoverthewaterfront - 8/6/11 - 11:36 am

The Longfellow Bridge has its design challenges ahead, and the BU bridge has been no picnic for engineers.

But another bridge in Boston – the Chelsea Street bridge between Chelsea and East Boston – is a simple affair. By the end of the summer, the new bridge, designed by HNTB and built by J.F. White of Framingham, may be complete. It may even happen ahead of schedule.

Although the men working with iron above the river are having no trouble, the men who move mud below it have been facing a dozen daunting engineering tasks for over a year.

They’re all trying to figure out how to make the channel for oil tankers wider. Engineers, pilots, tug captains, oil companies, private landowners, and Coast Guard and Army personnel have been at the drawing board for two years now.

The new bridge, after all, will span the more than 200-ft. wide channel without interruption. That’s thanks to two superstructures that now dominate the Chelsea skyline (anyone can see them from the Tobin Bridge). So the bridge, when opened, might be wide enough to fit a “Panamax” oil tanker headed to the Gulf, Irving and Global tanks upstream.


By adamg - 1/25/08 - 10:14 am

Can you imagine how much more boring, and even worse, local coverage would get without the Herald? Let's compare the coverage of yesterday's King Arthur's Lounge murder in the Globe and Herald:

By adamg - 1/24/08 - 9:07 am

Bouncer, patrons shot. Chelsea, State Police investigating, Suffolk County DA's office confirms one death.

Yes, this is the same place made infamous in 1982 when Everett cops, summoned by a fellow officer in an argument with a patron, went on a beating rampage with baseball bats, tire irons and nightsticks that left one man dead.

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