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By Jordan_Long - 7/2/17 - 1:40 pm

The plethora of current water ecology issues have significant effects on the world population, but the sheer number and range of topics make it difficult for individuals to separate the facts and take action. The Water & Resiliency EcoForum on August 11th will feature five environmental activists, policy makers, and water conservation professionals, who will share valuable information for individuals looking to take action.

By SwirlyGrrl - 7/1/08 - 11:18 am

Ah those lazy hazy days of summer. The living may be easy, but the breathing can get tough for some people. Heat, humidity, and inversions can ratchet up the pollution levels and make the air we breathe unpleasant - and unhealthy.

Boston's own Airbeat displays hourly measurments of pollution levels in Boston. Funded by the EPA and maintained by community and student groups, Airbeat displays current data and links to national sites on air pollution and health. You can even sign up for e-mails that warn you when air quality is likely to suck.

By Brett - 3/9/08 - 6:47 pm

The AP has been busy, finding lots of drugs in people's water. Sadly, Boston is on the list of cities that don't test for this stuff. Look on the bright side; you could live in a city run these morons:

Arlington, Texas, acknowledged that traces of a pharmaceutical were detected in its drinking water but cited post-9/11 security concerns in refusing to identify the drug.

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