Custom House

By - 5/25/18 - 9:53 am
Waving chicken and the Custom House in Boston

Redsox223 took in the neon signs on display on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, including the official UHub neon sign - the old Fontaine's chicken.

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By - 6/27/17 - 4:02 pm
Dark clouds north of Boston

Tamas K-L looked north shortly before 4 p.m. The National Weather Service radar shows a line of storms north of Boston.

Not long after, Stephanie M. checked in from Malden: Read more.

By - 6/17/17 - 12:10 pm
Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

Matt Frank has a good seat to watch the Tall Ships in Boston Harbor today.

By - 7/3/16 - 2:37 pm
Goat head statue on the Greenway in Boston

Adam Balsam photographed Ai Weiwei's Chinese-zodiac sculptures on the Greenway the other night.

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By - 4/6/16 - 5:56 pm
Inside the Custom House clock tower in Boston

The other side of 6. See it larger.

One hundred years ago today, the clock inside the Custom House Tower began running. At exactly noon.

In 1950, the federal government replaced the mechanism up near the top of the tower with a new clock, built by E.Howard in Waltham. By the 1980s, though, the clock mechanisms had fallen apart. A key gear sat at ground level, broken beyond repair. Read more.

By - 8/18/14 - 5:09 pm
Dome inside the Custom House in Boston

Ryan Ruel looked up during a recent visit to the Custom House.

Posted under this Creative Commons license and in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 2/21/14 - 4:26 pm
Downtown Boston in the fog

All that melting snow means plenty of fog, as Neal Gaffey noticed looking towards the Custom House from City Hall this afternoon.

By - 12/12/13 - 11:18 pm
Tower and tree

R2_SNEWeather looked up from Quincy Market the other night.

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By - 7/30/13 - 9:51 pm

Custom House in the fog

David Schachner captured the Custom House on a recent foggy night.

By - 10/20/11 - 12:16 pm

Foggy Custom House

Peter McStravick looked out his window this morning, wondered if David Copperfield was in town.

By - 10/18/11 - 7:24 am

Not so handyA timeless citizen complains about the clock faces on the Custom House:

By - 1/23/09 - 12:10 am
Custom House sunrise

Kalim Saliba got up early for this photo.

Copyright, Kalim Saliba.

By - 3/9/08 - 10:48 pm
Custom House

The Custom House says hello as you walk down Milk Street.