By - 10/20/18 - 11:30 pm

It'll be a transcontinental series - and the first time the two teams have met in the World Series since 1916, when Brooklyn manager Wilbert Robinson (left, and a native of Bolton, Mass.) and Sox manager Bill Carrigan met and shook hands. The Sox won that series 4-1.

By - 10/18/18 - 11:43 pm

Price comes through! And Rafael Devers. And even Kimbrel.

By - 10/18/18 - 9:00 am
By - 10/16/18 - 8:54 pm

ShmandZ reports:

Garden chanting “JBJ!! JBJ!!!” just now as everyone slowly learned about the grand slam and this is the most Boston thing ever LOVE IT

By - 10/15/18 - 9:16 am
By - 10/10/18 - 11:15 am
Arthur Fiedler's giant head with a Red Sox cap on

The Esplanade Fiedler Head is sporting a 17-foot-wide, 7-foot-tall knit Sox cap this morning in honor of the team's ALDS victory last night, courtesy of the the Esplanade Association.

“My father was a Red Sox fan and I often joined him at Fenway Park for games. I’m sure he would approve of the donning of a Red Sox hat, especially this year,” said Peter Fiedler, son of legendary Boston Pops conductor Arthur Fiedler.

By - 10/9/18 - 11:40 pm

Be CC'in' ya. Spider Arms came through. Bring on Houston.

By - 10/8/18 - 11:26 pm

Eovaldi wasn't bad, either.

By - 10/8/18 - 10:38 am

Kay Hanley has some thoughts about that interchange between Sox pitcher Ryan Brasier and Yankees batter Gary Sanchez in Saturday's game (put those ear buds in first if you're at work):

By - 10/5/18 - 11:37 pm

Two more to go. And what was with that crow?

By - 9/20/18 - 7:49 pm
The Banner in the Town.

Artist's recreation by John Liam Policastro.

WBZ reports police want to know exactly how that banner fell off a truck.

Oh, and don't worry - they're also investigating (and charging) the alleged flag urinator.

By - 9/19/18 - 8:54 am

WFXT reports. The Sox have yet to actually win the AL East title (although they could tonight).

By - 9/15/18 - 4:11 pm
Yankee haters in Boston

Brandon Bowser captured the scene before this afternoon's Mets/Sox game.

By - 9/8/18 - 11:19 am

WBZ reports on Jabari Bird's arrest last night in Brighton.

By - 9/3/18 - 8:53 am

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports Dunkin' Donuts has been using cups emblazoned with the Philadelphia Eagles logo to serve up iced coffee and tea there.

Panzer immediately reacted, covering up the offending graphic with a Koozie - an insulating cover - with a Patriots logo on it.

Just a logistics mistake, the company - founded in Quincy, of course - swears.

By - 8/6/18 - 9:02 am

Over the Monster recaps the sweeps game over Aaron Boone's Yankees.

By - 7/30/18 - 6:42 pm
David Cameron at Fenway

Adam Castiglioni spotted former British Prime Minister David Cameron heading into Fenway to watch his two favorite ex-colonial teams: Boston and Philadelphia.

By - 7/19/18 - 10:19 am

McClatchy reports US Rep. Devin Nunes of California used political donations to buy some $15,000 worth of Celtics tickets last year.

Nunes, R-Calif., has reportedly been a Celtics fan since high school, though he grew up in Tulare, California. He used the money from his political action committee last year on three occasions to buy tickets.

H/t Lily Goldman.

By - 7/13/18 - 2:12 pm

Brook Sayen asks:

Any leads on where to pick up a Croatia jersey in Boston before the WC?