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By anon - 2/4/17 - 5:54 pm

With the abrupt and unexpected closing last week of the Bimbo bread outlet at Wellington Circle, not to mention the closing of all Wonder Bread outlets several years ago, there is NOT ONE bread outlet in Greater Boston. Important questions arise. Why are all discount bread outlets closing? Where can consumers purchase discount bread. And most importantly, where are bakeries sending all their day-old bread? Hopefully not dumped in a landfill.

By adamg - 4/19/11 - 6:26 pm

Steve Garfield reports Maine-based When Pigs Fly is opening an outlet on Centre and Grovenor streets - in that building that only seems to have been under renovation since the Eisenhower administration. Garfield wonders if this is the Whole Foods effect in action.

When Pigs Fly itself reports on its Facebook page it's aiming for a June opening.

By amusings - 1/11/11 - 3:09 pm

A friend of mine emailed me the photo in this blog entry, where these ladies gleefully celebrate the French Toast Alert. Thing is, they forgot their eggs. So their French Toast will not be as tasty as it should.

Still, I enjoyed the spirit of the photo and felt that Adam et al would also enjoy.

By adamg - 4/28/08 - 7:30 pm

In this corner, Beans and Greens comes out swinging with peanut-butter bread. And in this corner, Beyond Salmon tries to score a knockout with cranberry-walnut bread.

Waiting to take on the winner: We Are Not Martha with vanilla and chocolate-chunk-cookie cupcakes.

By Jay Levitt - 3/23/08 - 5:05 pm

"SPRINGFIELD, Mass.—Police are investigating the stabbing of a 51-year-old Greenfield man Friday following what investigators say was a dispute over a loaf of white bread."

You notice how they always mention when the bread is white?

Police: Greenfield man killed during fight over loaf of bread

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