Touch FM

By - 4/17/14 - 11:36 am

TOUCH 106.1 FM Boston's FM Radio Station "SILENCED"

Touch FM

Video of Touch FM owner Charles Clemons by Doug Bennett.

Judy Wilburn reports she was listening to the unlicensed Dorchester radio station shortly after 11 a.m. when:

Touch 106.1 just went off the air. Announcer said authorities shutting down, equipment taken.

The FCC and owner Charles Clemons have feuded for years over the station. In 2008, the commission ordered Clemons to pay $17,000 for operating without a license.

By - 3/13/13 - 10:59 am

The US Attorney's office reports federal agents seized radio-transmitting equipment from a pirate radio station transmitting from a Brockton home, in part because it was interfering with an air-traffic-control frequency for Logan Airport.

By - 6/24/08 - 9:25 am

UPDATE: Whoever posted the video has taken it down. It was basically a rant about how awful Touch FM is supposed to be.

Just like the Scientologists: Urban Radio vs. Touch FM.

Avast! Feds fine Dorchester radio pirate.
The anti-violence march and the pirate radio station

By - 6/12/08 - 9:29 am

The Globe finally covers the saga of pirate radio station Touch FM, but says that the station at 106.1 MHz is an example of an illegal station broadcasting below 100 MHz. Um, no, it's an example of an illegal station broadcasting below 100 watts.

Still, at least it's an interesting story, unlike Kevin "I'm channeling Brian McGrory as fast as I can" Cullen's revelation that, boy, Dyan Cannon sure is old (what, Kev, no Jack Nicholson jokes?).

By - 5/15/08 - 9:04 am

This Sunday, there's going to be a "Man Up for Liquarry Jefferson Accountability March" from Grove Hall to City Hall, to try to get black men to take more responsibility for stopping violence in inner-city Boston (starts at 11 a.m.; it's named for the little boy shot by a cousin with an illegal gun a family member left lying around).

I didn't read about it in the Globe or the Herald, of course. Instead, I heard about it this morning on Touch FM, the pirate radio station a toothless FCC can't seem to shut down.

By - 5/8/08 - 12:44 pm

The FCC has ordered a local man to pay a $17,000 fine for running an unlicensed radio station on Blue Hill Avenue.

The FCC says Charles Clemons continued to run Touch FM at 106.1 FM even after FCC field investigators - acting on a complaint from engineers at licensed stations - told him to knock it off.