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2012 elections

By adamg - 10/10/14 - 1:31 pm

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that supermarkets cannot shush away signature collectors from their entrances, because they are public spaces where state constitutional rights apply.

The ruling comes in the case of Steven Glovsky, who was told by the manager of the Westwood Roche Bros. in 2012 that he could not collect signatures there for his run for the governor's council.

By adamg - 12/17/12 - 10:31 am

City councilors this morning began a formal discussion on how to allow the medical-marijuana dispensaries approved by voters last month while letting neighborhoods have a say on specific locations.

The law approved by voters would allow up to five dispensaries in a county.

By adamg - 11/26/12 - 9:04 pm

City Councilor Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan) says he sympathizes with people with the sort of debilitating illnesses who would require medical marijuana, but he doesn't want the dispensaries approved by voters to be allowed to set up shop just anywhere.

Consalvo on Wednesday asks the City Council to approve a hearing to start figuring out how to limit where dispensaries can open.

By adamg - 11/26/12 - 8:56 pm

City Councilor Bill Linehan says some of his constituents stood in line for three or even four hours on Election Day, and he's not having it.

On Wednesday, the council considers his request for a hearing to figure out how to prevent the long lines he said became common in his district. In his request, Linehan says five precincts have 4,000 voters each - double the citywide average and nine times the size of the city's smallest precinct.

Linehan says he heard from one voter who got in line to vote at 6 p.m. and didn't finally cast his ballot until 10 p.m.

By adamg - 11/10/12 - 11:42 am

Richard Vetstein reports landlords are smokin' mad because the law passed by voters this week lets people with medical conditions grow a two-month supply of weed at home if they can't get to one of those dispensaries the law allows. Homegrown pot could mean mold, water damage, fires from improperly wired grow lights and even an increased risk of burglaries from thieves looking for a quick hit. And then there are the feds:

By adamg - 11/8/12 - 10:59 am

The Dorchester Reporter reports Obama won Mattapan 10,451 to 209.

According to city tallies, Obama's highest percentage came in Ward 14, precinct 3 (along the east side of Blue Hill Avenue on either side of Seaver), where he got 99.1% of the vote.

Obama lost just two precincts in the entire city - Ward 6, precinct 9 and Ward 7, Precinct 1, both near Castle Island in South Boston.

By adamg - 11/7/12 - 12:17 am

Yeah, losing hurts and sometimes all you can do is lash out at the people around you. Adults can make a learning experience of it, though, Holly.

By adamg - 11/6/12 - 10:30 pm

The Globe has the results for the two questions - and that third one about car repair.

By adamg - 11/6/12 - 9:09 pm

WarrenYou can call her Senator Warren now.

As more votes come in, WHDH is calling Elizabeth Warren the winner over incumbent Scott Brown. Among other things, Warren becomes the state's first woman senator.

By adamg - 11/6/12 - 8:17 am

Conley School in Roslindale around 7:30 a.m.Conley School in Roslindale around 7:30 a.m.

Polls opened in Boston this morning with long lines of waiting voters. What are you seeing when you vote? Add a comment.

By adamg - 11/5/12 - 10:07 am

Wendell Willkie campaigns in Quincy in 1940.Wendell Willkie campaigns in Quincy in 1940.

West Roxbury celebrates tomorrow today with its traditional Truman Rally in the municipal parking lot at Centre and Hastings streets (right across from the mural of James Michael Curley and Dapper O'Neil).

State Rep. Ed Coppinger and City Councilor Matt O'Malley worked with the Harry S Truman Society to revive the longstanding West Roxbury tradition, in which candidates from both parties get one last chance to speak their piece before voters speak theirs. Elizabeth Warren is confirmed; Scott Brown isn't.

The rally starts at 7 p.m.

Photo from the BPL's Leslie Jones collection. Posted under this Creative Commons license.

By adamg - 11/3/12 - 10:52 pm

Holliston/Hopkinton Patch reports a member of the Holliston Democratic Town Committee got a call today reminding him to vote for Obama and Warren - on Wednesday, because Sandy forced a delay in the election. Of course, it hasn't.

By presspass - 10/23/12 - 5:25 pm

During the final presidential debate, Romney boasted that MA is a leader in education and number one in the country.

MR. ROMNEY: — just about education, because I’m — I’m so proud of the state that I had the chance to be governor of. We have, every two years, tests that look at how well our kids are doing. Fourth graders and eighth graders are tested in English and math. While I was governor, I was proud that our fourth graders came out number one of all 50 states in English and then also in math, and our eighth graders number one in English and also in math — first time one state had been number one in all four measures."

It is true that MA is the birthplace of public education, something Romney would gladly claim if he could. Our schools also receive one of the highest rates of funding from the federal government and spends more per student than other states. As such, our schools were number one before Mitt and after. One of the main reasons for MA’s success was its investment in early chilhood education, which Romney cut as soon as he became Governor.
In addition, something that Mitt did not claim but happened on his watch was the Unz initiative, which made bilingual education illegal and widened the opportunity Gap.

By adamg - 10/23/12 - 7:49 am

Remember when the Governor of the State He Dare Not Name went on tour two years into his term as governor of some vague state up in the Northeast and kept complaining about how awful that state was? Boston Daily rewrites a section of Romney's book.

By adamg - 10/20/12 - 12:25 pm

Should be a fun time on Commercial Street, especially if they're met by these guys.

By adamg - 10/16/12 - 10:48 pm

Massachusetts sure came up a lot in the debate tonight. Some history to go with the references:

When Romney got his binder full of women (and why he had nothing to do with it).

By adamg - 10/16/12 - 8:05 am

Obama voters for Brown? A roving UHub photographer captured the scene in Dudley Square.A roving UHub photographer captured the scene in Dudley Square yesterday.

By adamg - 10/13/12 - 10:42 am

The Globe reports on Brown's request to the feds to back off from the way it regulates compounding pharmacies - such as the one in Framingham that's now responsible for more than a dozen deaths.

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