Tim Cahill

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Tim Cahill

Shane notices that the image Bing is using for posting results tonight has Treasurer Tim Cahill running against Martha Coakley.

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John Carroll rounds up the Globe and Herald coverage of the Cahill matter.

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The Globe reports a Suffolk County grand jury indicted him on charges he used $1.65 million in lottery ads to boost his campaign for governor in 2010.

By - 9/19/11 - 4:05 pm

Treasurer Tim's former chief of staff and the former state probation commissioner were indicted today on charges they organized a campaign fundraiser for Cahill in 2005 in return for a job at the Massachusetts State Lottery for the commissioner’s wife, state Attorney General Martha Coakley announced.

By - 10/22/10 - 7:20 am

Look for the Dems to crow that the state's unemployment rate is down and the Republicans to thunder about how the number of jobless increased. The Globe attempts to explain how that could happen; the Herald gleefully predicts the crushing job-loss news will crush Deval Patrick's chances.

By - 10/15/10 - 6:29 am

Sam Obar is not happy with his man's camapaign:

We are now less than three weeks away, and I know for a fact many people, including many I have spoken to, still have no idea who Baker is. He has not gotten his message out to voters, he has not highlighted his record at Harvard Pilgrim, and he has not promptly and properly responded to accusations against him about his work on the Big Dig. He has also done a shoddy job indeed of utilizing the media to reach out to voters.

By - 10/14/10 - 8:11 am

The Globe reports why Tim Cahill may have wanted to block publication of those e-mails (he failed):

Politically explosive e-mails released yesterday by former aides to state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill appear to show Cahill's top campaign advisers trying to make sure that a million-dollar, taxpayer-funded ad blitz for the state lottery also benefited Cahill's independent gubernatorial bid.

By - 10/7/10 - 6:32 pm

Treasurer Tim got a temporary restraining order today, barring some former aides from doing anything with e-mail they allegedly have.

He charges they conspired with Republicans to derail his campaign and says the e-mails have campaign details in them. Republicans charge the e-mails have evidence Cahill was illegally getting workers at the state treasury to do political work for his campaign.

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So get the fork ready. Associated Press reports the guy who'd been running for lieutenant governor with Treasurer Tim just quit the ticket and endorsed Charlie Baker.

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What did you think?

My big takeaway was that Jill Stein seemed like an afterthought; she was the only one who didn't really get to enunciate what it was she stood for, besides not being one of the other three. Still not sure if that's because she wasn't able to do so or because she seemed to get a lot less opportunity to talk in the first half of the debate.

Associated Press report.

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Charlie get mad.
Give me the biggest lecture I ever had.
I want a brave man, I want a cave man.
Charlie, show me that you care, really care for me.
Every time you debated me,
You let Timmy cut in constantly,
When he'd ask, you'd never speak.
Must you always be so meek?

Guess not.

Credit where credit is due. And kazoos!

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John Carroll watched the debate so you didn't have to:

Glossary, Please

David Tuerck? Michael Widmer? The Pacheco Law? The Connector?

Are the candidates so out of touch they think the average voter knows what they're talking about when they just toss out those names?

Memo to gubernatorial hopefuls: You’re done with the insiders. It's real people you need to talk to now.

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The Globe reports his campaign failed to pay some taxes. Also, the Globe reports, his ads about the scandal-free lottery leaves out the part about a scandal involving the lottery.

By - 8/17/10 - 8:43 am

Even Green Party candidate Jill Stein took a few tilts at the windmill deal, in a debate yesterday, the Globe reports.

John Carroll has more.

By - 7/26/10 - 10:19 am

With Tim Cahill insisting he hasn't changed his pro-choice stance on abortion, Mass. Citizens for Life is left trying to figure out how its PAC came to endorse him (still, worth noting that Tim hasn't restored abortion rights as one of his core values.).

By - 7/20/10 - 10:06 pm

Rob Eno shows us how Tim Cahill's campaign deleted the sentence "I believe in and support a woman's right to choose" from the "core values" page on his Web site sometime between May 25 and his endorsement today by Mass. Citizens for Life, which called him the only pro-life candidate for governor.

By - 5/27/10 - 11:18 pm

Mike Durant covers the brouhaha over Cahill basically calling every Muslim in the state a terrorist.

By - 4/30/10 - 3:01 pm

As that killer oil slick begins to ooze ashore in Louisiana, Treasurer Tim warns that cute little Dutch windmills actually make deadly carcinogens.