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Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, Suffolk County DA Dan Conley, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh held a community forum at the Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury Thursday Night starting at 7:00 P.M., and running for almost five hours.

They made presentations and answered questions about how Boston Police Department officer involved shootings are investigated and related issues.

Rev Laura Everett live-tweeted the event.

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Boston PD by Fenway Park kicks over bucket drummer's buckets, tells him to stop. He keeps playing. Crowd cheers. Cops booed.
- Jeff Maker
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If it's December winter, it's bank robbery time in the South End.

Tweet, this past Thursday:

December 22, 2011: 12:25 p.m., @stacos In Progress - Bank Robbery - 540 Tremont


February 5, 2010: @Boston_Police BANK ROBBERY: Hingham Institute for Savings at 540 Tremont St, Bank Robbery Task Force requested to scene.


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    [center]Rise Up! We Are The 99%!!
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  1. We know that U.S. society has become fundamentally unequal. We know, though we may not all know the exact numbers, that the top 1 percent of income recipients receives almost 25 percent of all income in the society (including capital gains), and the top 10 percent receives almost 50 percent.
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The overall level of crime is down 5.6 percent so far this year when compared to last, according to the Boston Police Department. Unfortunately, homicides in the city increased; there have been 29 murders so far this year, compared to 24 at this time, last year.

The semi-regular Crime Reported by the Boston Police Department report is up on the BPDNews website is out with data covering the period January 1 - June 20.

The breakdown of changes between the years, below. (Or, you could just click through for the PDF.)