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By - 5/21/18 - 11:35 am

Tickets for a city Landmarks Commission tour of an abandoned trolley tunnel downtown today went quickly. WFXT's Robert Goulston gets some photos of the 1898 tunnel. Another.

By - 5/19/18 - 5:49 pm

China-made subway cars ready for Boston passengers by end of 2018

Xinhua, the Chinese news service, sent a crew along with state officials when they tried out an Orange Line train made up entirely of the new cars from China's CRRC. Assuming they don't melt or something during testing, we should see the first new Orange Line train in service by the end of the year.

By - 5/18/18 - 4:44 pm
Wanted man

Transit Police report they are looking for a guy they say goes up to women on crowded trains, then grinds his genitals on their buttocks. Read more.

By - 5/18/18 - 8:42 am

The Globe reports foul play not suspected in the death of a man whose body was found on the grounds of the station around 5:30 a.m. The station has since re-opened.

By - 5/17/18 - 11:00 pm
Spider-Man on the Orange Line

Carla Osberg looked up to see Spider-Man just hanging out on the Orange Line as it hurtled between Back Bay and Stony Brook this evening. And you thought that was the kind of hipster thing that only the Green and Red lines got to see. The Orange Line has certainly come far from its naked-guy days.

Interview with the man behind the mask.

By - 5/17/18 - 9:54 am

The MBTA reports the Green Line into town from Riverside is movin' kinda slow, because of a train that gave up the ghost.

By - 5/17/18 - 9:24 am

UPDATE, 9:45 a.m. And now there are delays because the signals have gone on the fritz at Community College.

The MBTA reports delays of up to 20 minutes on the Orange Line, due to an inbound train that gasped its last right at Malden Center.

By - 5/16/18 - 1:07 pm
Gregory Rieschick

Transit Police report arresting Gregory Rieschick, 38, of Charlestown, on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident around 5:15 a.m. on May 2 on an inbound Orange Line train that had just left Malden Center.

Read more.

By - 5/16/18 - 12:56 pm

The MBTA shut power on the Red Line towards Alewife around 12:45 p.m. after a man fell on the tracks and was knocked unconscious. He was lifted out about ten minutes later. The T reported delays up to 20 minutes on the Red Line.

By - 5/16/18 - 8:36 am

The MBTA reports delays of up to 10 minutes on the Orange Line due to an Oak Grove train with "a mechanical problem" at State Street.

By - 5/15/18 - 6:05 pm
Raindrops keep falling on their heads at Forest Hills

You might think that having an enormous metal and glass structure over your head would be enough to protect you from torrential downpours, but obviously not, as BNF shows us at the lower busway at Forest Hills. But don't bother upper-busway riders with any complaints - most of them have nothing at all to stand under.

By - 5/15/18 - 8:06 am

The MBTA reports delays on the Green Line outbound along Beacon Street due to a trolley that gave up the ghost.

By - 5/14/18 - 6:27 pm
No more room at Kendall station on the Red Line

Around 5:45, Kendall inbound was so packed nobody else could get on the platform, johnmcboston reports.

The Red Line was hosed at rush hour due to an inbound train that breathed its last just outside Harvard Square. The T eventually dug a deep enough hole to bury it in and got it off the tracks, but there are still delays.

By - 5/14/18 - 5:15 pm

The MBTA Song

Jonathan Solomon posted this ode to the buses and trains of the MBTA last week. Save it for the next time you're at Park Street because a Red Line train is dead or something.

Via Irene Abrams.

By - 5/14/18 - 1:30 pm

Transit Police report arresting a Cambridge woman they say punched a driver in the face when he wouldn't let her off in the middle of the street yesterday afternoon.

Read more.

By - 5/14/18 - 9:14 am

Transit Police report the death of Kathleen Callahan, 47, following a crash in Saugus yesterday. Read more.

By - 5/12/18 - 9:45 pm

The Globe reports the Senate wants the MBTA to look at electrifying the Providence and Fairmount lines - with the goal of having them run on electricity by 2022.

By - 5/11/18 - 8:53 am

The MBTA is reporting delays of up to 20 minutes in either direction on the Orange Line due to a train with "a mechanical problem causing smoke at Downtown Crossing."

By - 5/11/18 - 7:22 am

WBZ reports a bullet shattered the windshield of a 1 bus in the area of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Albany Street shortly after midnight. No injuries.

By - 5/10/18 - 9:48 am
Car on Green Line tracks at Packards Corner in Allston

Roving UHub photographer Christine Beaton came upon this scene where the B Line curves along with Comm. Ave. in Packards Corner around 12:30 a.m.