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Commercial Street

By adamg - 10/20/12 - 12:25 pm

Should be a fun time on Commercial Street, especially if they're met by these guys.

By adamg - 12/12/11 - 11:40 am

Some photos from the good ol' days, back when there was a direct rail link between South and North stations.

Fans of absurd disasters, of course, recall that the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 took out part of the el on Commercial Street.

By adamg - 7/12/11 - 3:43 pm

Romney's enforcers took no guff this morningRomney's enforcers took no guff this morning.

By adamg - 5/12/11 - 7:17 am

NorthEndWaterfront.com gets briefed on what's in a consultant's report on re-routing of trucks along Atlantic and Commercial avenues. In fact, the report goes further - urging all hazmat trucks to stay out of the city altogether and stick to 95 and 128 unless they're making deliveries to local businesses.

By adamg - 4/30/11 - 3:32 pm

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports on proposed "hybrid" bike lanes along Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue that would swap the normal positions of car-parking and bike lanes on one side of the streets. Also, Segways would be allowed.

By adamg - 5/13/10 - 1:53 pm

The feds says it's full speed ahead for truckers hauling hazardous materials to speed along Commercial Street in the North End again, Matt Conti reports.

By adamg - 2/8/10 - 11:14 pm

Matt Conti reports the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council will oppose an attempt by the owner of a Segway tour service to sell non-alcoholic beverages to parched customers after exhausting rides on the moving mini-platforms because of "abusive parking," dangerous Segway maneuvering and training right on the sidewalks of Commercial Street. The tour-service owner retorts some of the residents are themselves pieces of work.

By adamg - 9/29/08 - 4:12 pm

A Canton man who claimed he was trying to "protect the North End" was arrested early this morning when he started taking photos of a woman sitting in car and then proceeded to start cursing her out, Boston Police report.

Police say the woman was double parked outside 266 Commercial St. around 2:43 a.m. waiting for AAA when the man came up to her and started snapping away. She yelled at him, which only made him start taking photos of her license plate, police say:

At this point, the suspect began swearing at the victim. When a bystander intervened, the suspect yelled, "I'm trying to protect the North End."

John McGinnis, 44, of Canton, was arrested on a charge of disturbing the peace.

Innocent, etc.

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