By - 6/18/09 - 12:33 am

Boston Police tweet somebody was shot on Groom Street near Uphams Corner around 11:15 p.m. The homicide unit was called in and police are looking for a gray Nissan.

By - 6/17/09 - 1:25 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports trial starts tomorrow for a guy accused of taking out a drug dealer on Greenbrier Street with a gun in May, 1979. The guy allegedly confessed his role in the man's death in 1995; however he was initially ruled incompetent to stand trial.

By - 6/17/09 - 8:52 am

A Cedar Grove resident tells Dottie Hottie that somebody stole the three potted plumeria trees he'd put in his front yard at Milton and Milwood streets because neighbors loved the scent of the tropical flowers:

... This evening, June 16th, as I was sitting in my living room, a person in a dirty grey Chevy pickup stopped next to my house and quickly stole the 3 Plumeria trees from the yard. I got out of the house as quickly as I could, and tried to chase the scum down the street (in my stocking feet), but didn't manage to get a liscene plate number. He took a left onto Adams St., toward the Village, and took over 20 years of memories with him. ...

By - 6/16/09 - 8:47 pm

Dottie Hottie wishes the hordes of vulgarians who use Dorchester's playgrounds at night find better receptacles for their detritus.

By - 6/16/09 - 6:54 pm

Jon Chesto reports a Dunkin' Donuts on Morrissey Boulevard still actually makes its own donuts.

Fred would be so proud.

By - 6/15/09 - 10:52 pm

Harold M. Clemens, who is black, reports what happened when he helped some white guy change a flat at a Dorchester gas station: Dude offered him $10 - or $35 for a couple of rocks of crack.

By - 6/15/09 - 11:22 am

A Suffolk Superior Court jury has convicted Michael "Goody" Collins of killing retired Cambridge police officer Myles Lawton in Lawton's Florida Street home in 2006, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Collins was charged with first-degree murder in what prosecutors said was a drug deal gone bad: Collins promised a friend of Lawton's cocaine in exchange for $40,000, but instead robbed and shot him at Lawton's home then fatally shot Lawton.

By - 6/12/09 - 2:51 pm

For a change, here's an urban-deer story with a happy ending: The Globe reports state environmental officers managed to successfully tranquilize a pair of deer off Freeport Street this morning so that they could be taken someplace a bit more bucolic.

Disembowled doe dies in Harvard Square today.
Turnpike accident near Fenway has drivers going: Oh, deer.

By - 6/11/09 - 8:27 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man who allegedly boarded a bus armed with a semi-automatic weapon at Ashmont station this afternoon.

Dereck Gray, 28, was arrested on a bus on Talbot Avenue after they received a tip a guy in a blue hoodie and a Red Sox cap had gotten onboard with the weapon, police say. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm.

By - 6/11/09 - 4:12 pm

Boston Police report arresting an alleged prostitute from Quincy and an alleged john from Weymouth Wednesday evening after allegedly watching them long enough to establish the woman was doing something other than sucking out rattlesnake venom in a limo on Dewar Street off Dot Ave.:

... After a brief conversation the female entered the limousine and the vehicle proceeded down Dewar Street and parked along the side of the road.

By - 6/11/09 - 3:55 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Quincy Butler and William Wood of murder for the 2004 death of a Dorchester woman whose apartment they broke into in a drug-fueled home invasion, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced.

William Wood was convicted on first-degree murder, which means he will go away for the rest of his life. Quincy Butler was found guilty of second-degree murder, which means he still faces sentencing. Prosecutors say Wood slashed the woman's throat and that Butler shot out her companion's eye when he tried to help her.

By - 6/10/09 - 2:39 pm

Boston Police tweet that the Everett School on Pleasant St. went into "safe mode" after shots were fired nearby. Nobody was injured; police are looking for two suspects.

By - 6/10/09 - 12:39 pm

Nearly $200,000 in statewide grants help families cope with the economic crisis

By - 6/9/09 - 3:34 pm

The Boston Public Health Commission announced today it's shutting the Russell Elementary School in Dorchester, the Sumner in Roslindale and the Tobin in Roxbury due to high absenteeism that could be linked to swine flu.

All three schools will be shut effective tomorrow through Thursday, June 18.

That makes 17 public and private schools in Boston shut for a week due to H1N1. The Russell is on the same block as a Catholic school that was ordered shut yesterday, according to the Dorchester Reporter.

At the Russell, 81 of 370 students were out sick today; at the Sumner, 159 out of 501 and at the Tobin, 113 out of 428. All three schools also reported heavy absence rates among employees and "a significant number" of students who left school during the day with flu-like symptoms.

By - 6/8/09 - 5:24 pm

This time it's the Columbia campus of John Paul II Catholic Academy, the Dorchester Reporter reports. That makes 14 Boston schools ordered to shut for a week.

By - 6/8/09 - 1:45 pm

Bobby Constantino gets off the 15 bus in Uphams Corner just in time to see Officer Monteiro in action:

... After, he moved on to the next group, riding and beeping his horn, talking to everyone he saw. Everyone knew him, everyone talked to him, and it made me so happy to see him out there.

It's a no-brainer that this is the best way to create a good bond between residents and police; a bond that is critical in communities touched by violence. Although we don't see it nearly enough in Boston, luckily in my neighborhood we have Officer Monteiro. ...

By - 6/7/09 - 7:42 pm

This kid in the Caribbean outfit saw me taking pictures and flashed me a huge grin as we sat on Dot. Ave. in Ashmont watching the Dorchester Day parade go by this afternoon.

Possibly the last time the Boston Police mounted unit will march in a Dorchester Day parade:

This one guy on the Dot Out float had these really big balls:

By - 6/6/09 - 9:36 pm

They had quite the system for unloading old TVs and computer and monitors and stuff at the recycling day at the Bayside Expo Center parking lot today - you drove up, popped the trunk, a couple guys emptied it out and a bunch of other guys put the stuff on pallets and wrapped it up.

We thought we had a lot of stuff - two old printers, a PC (took out the 5 1/4-inch Lemmings disk first, though), a laptop, a TV and various oddments (routers, modem cards, a mouse), but the woman ahead of us had an entire van full of monitors and TVs.

By - 6/6/09 - 6:57 pm

Whalehead King gives two tentacles up to the grilled octopus at Ka-Carlos, 33 Hancock St. in Uphams Corner:

... These weren't tentacles but fillets of toothsome, white meat about two fingers thick and as long as your hand. I really did taste Cape Verdean purity carried along far-reaching, Atlantic currents while I sat back, smiled and chewed. ...