By - 7/2/09 - 4:39 pm

You know the ones (yes, yes, this one and this one, among others). Associated Press reports a federal judge today basically asked federal prosecutors: Was that really necessary? Turner in particular has used the inclusion of the photos in the initial indictments as an argument against an order barring him from publicly discussing evidence in the case against him.

By - 7/2/09 - 11:48 am

UPDATE at 12:48 p.m.: Boston Police tweet the scene is clear; the Globe reports on the arrest.

Boston Police tweet a man has barricaded himself inside 2 Dudley Terrace off Dudley Street, that the SWAT team is on the scene and that people should avoide the area.

By - 6/29/09 - 6:44 pm

NewtonAuthorities today charged Fitzhugh Newton, 50, with twice raping a woman before killing her early on Feb. 26 on Columbia Road.

Newton, convicted of assault with intent to commit rape in 1979 and of open and gross lewdness in 2007, was already in the South Bay jail on unrelated charges, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Boston Police. DA Dan Conley said a DNA sample from the scene was linked to Newton via a DNA database:

We hope that the charges that were issued today - while only the beginning of a process to hold this alleged suspect accountable for these heinous crimes - will allow the victim's family and the public to breathe easier knowing that he is not on the street.

The body of the 48-year-old woman, not identified today by authorities pending notification of her family, was found in the back of a delivery truck in a parking lot at 390 Columbia Rd.

By - 6/26/09 - 9:11 am

Boston Police are apparently getting tired of dealing with angry motorists acting out in traffic delays caused by construction along Dorchester Avenue (including one who is charged with sending a couple of cops to the hospital), so they've issued an advisory that construction will continue today at Dot. Ave. and Freeport. They add:

The work being done is expected to cause and create a certain level of delay and inconvenience.

By - 6/25/09 - 3:52 pm

Richard Franklin, convicted this week of manslaughter for the 1979 death of Gregory McDavid, can't be sent to prison because he's already earned enough "good time" credits in a secure psychiatric facility to warrant his immediate release, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

However, Immigration and Custom Enforcement has begun deportation procedings against Franklin, now 47 and a native of Jamaica, for putting a bullet into McDavid on Greenbrier Street in Dorchester, ending the 30-year-old father's life, the DA's office adds.

In 1995, Franklin confessed killing McDavid to a community service officer in the Brockton housing development where he then lived. However, he was deemed unable to stand trial and was instead put in a psychiatric lockup until 2005, when he was deemed competent enough to face charges.

Dawn McDavid-Bauman, only 8 when her father was killed, addressed the court. The DA's office provided a summary of her statement:

By - 6/23/09 - 12:04 pm

Ricardo Jaquite of Dorchester, a junior at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, jumped 49 feet, 10 inches, winning the triple jump at the Nike Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro, NC.

By - 6/20/09 - 5:47 pm

A Mattapan man with a history as a high-risk sex offender was arrested at Ashmont station this morning after an MBTA inspector saw him masturbating as he followed a woman walking toward a Red Line train, the MBTA says.

According to a police report, Jerome Reed, 49, got off the Mattapan trolley in Ashmont around 9:30 a.m. with his erect penis hanging out. He began following a female passenger, masturbating as he walked. The T inspector who observed this was "absolutely disgusted" by the "shocking and alarming" behavior, police say.

By - 6/20/09 - 9:18 am

The Times (yes, not the Globe) reports triple-deckers are being foreclosed - and even abandoned - at a much higher rate than other types of houses. Blame out-of-town investors, who bought them up and repeatedly flipped many of them without putting much back into them, for simply abandoning the properties:

On some streets in New Bedford, tight rows of triple-deckers are now interrupted here and there by dirt lots, which impart the odd effect of missing teeth.

By - 6/19/09 - 11:48 pm

Whalehead King delivers the baaad news; it finally came ashore at Savin Hill.

By - 6/19/09 - 8:04 am

10,000 Strong in Boston, Franklin Park Playstead, 12-6 p.m. on Sunday, June 21.

By - 6/18/09 - 12:33 am

Boston Police tweet somebody was shot on Groom Street near Uphams Corner around 11:15 p.m. The homicide unit was called in and police are looking for a gray Nissan.

By - 6/17/09 - 1:25 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports trial starts tomorrow for a guy accused of taking out a drug dealer on Greenbrier Street with a gun in May, 1979. The guy allegedly confessed his role in the man's death in 1995; however he was initially ruled incompetent to stand trial.

By - 6/17/09 - 8:52 am

A Cedar Grove resident tells Dottie Hottie that somebody stole the three potted plumeria trees he'd put in his front yard at Milton and Milwood streets because neighbors loved the scent of the tropical flowers:

... This evening, June 16th, as I was sitting in my living room, a person in a dirty grey Chevy pickup stopped next to my house and quickly stole the 3 Plumeria trees from the yard. I got out of the house as quickly as I could, and tried to chase the scum down the street (in my stocking feet), but didn't manage to get a liscene plate number. He took a left onto Adams St., toward the Village, and took over 20 years of memories with him. ...

By - 6/16/09 - 8:47 pm

Dottie Hottie wishes the hordes of vulgarians who use Dorchester's playgrounds at night find better receptacles for their detritus.

By - 6/16/09 - 6:54 pm

Jon Chesto reports a Dunkin' Donuts on Morrissey Boulevard still actually makes its own donuts.

Fred would be so proud.

By - 6/15/09 - 10:52 pm

Harold M. Clemens, who is black, reports what happened when he helped some white guy change a flat at a Dorchester gas station: Dude offered him $10 - or $35 for a couple of rocks of crack.

By - 6/15/09 - 11:22 am

A Suffolk Superior Court jury has convicted Michael "Goody" Collins of killing retired Cambridge police officer Myles Lawton in Lawton's Florida Street home in 2006, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Collins was charged with first-degree murder in what prosecutors said was a drug deal gone bad: Collins promised a friend of Lawton's cocaine in exchange for $40,000, but instead robbed and shot him at Lawton's home then fatally shot Lawton.

By - 6/12/09 - 2:51 pm

For a change, here's an urban-deer story with a happy ending: The Globe reports state environmental officers managed to successfully tranquilize a pair of deer off Freeport Street this morning so that they could be taken someplace a bit more bucolic.

Disembowled doe dies in Harvard Square today.
Turnpike accident near Fenway has drivers going: Oh, deer.

By - 6/11/09 - 8:27 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man who allegedly boarded a bus armed with a semi-automatic weapon at Ashmont station this afternoon.

Dereck Gray, 28, was arrested on a bus on Talbot Avenue after they received a tip a guy in a blue hoodie and a Red Sox cap had gotten onboard with the weapon, police say. He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and carrying a loaded firearm.