Mayor Menino

By - 12/24/11 - 2:27 pm


Menino’s spokeswoman Dot Joyce, initially said yesterday that the city has “no plans at this point” to evacuate the Occupy Boston encampment. Looks like that changed fast.

By - 10/13/11 - 3:19 pm

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By - 6/15/11 - 3:21 pm

Mayor Mumbles is so afraid of major events in "his" city. Loves that the Red Sox and Celtics won their recent titles on the road. No worry about the Pats as the Super Bowl will never come to Mass. Remember the great job he did with the Democratic Convention a few years back? He closed the city, businesses went broke and Dems vowed never again to hold the event in Boston.

The last big Red Sox game in Boston, his police panicked and shot and killed a collage kid with a "non lethal" weapon.

By - 8/30/09 - 2:57 pm

Press Pass TV looks into the Mayor's controversial "brownout" policy.

By - 10/23/08 - 9:18 am

Edward Mason writes in the Herald...

A staggering $3.2 billion IOU to pay off health and other benefits lavished on city worker unions has come due in Boston as the city grapples with a budget crisis that’s raising fears of massive layoffs and service cuts and even tax hikes for Hub residents and businesses.

...the best part for those of us without unionized government jobs...