Fung Wah

By - 5/26/15 - 7:50 am

The Globe reports it may be the end of the road for Fung Wah - before it even comes back - because it can't find a place for its buses to go in Boston

By - 12/17/14 - 2:00 pm

Reason reports the bus line is back from the dead and getting ready to ferry people between New York and Boston again.

By - 3/12/13 - 10:45 pm

It's by the New Yorker, but, still, this deserves to be some sort of Official Song of the Commonwealth, no?

By - 2/26/13 - 2:53 pm

Boston Metro reports the action comes a day after Massachusetts ordered most of the line's buses off the road.

The best Fung Wah crashes and fires.

By - 2/25/13 - 3:38 pm

Due to inspections that found "structural issues," NECN reports.

Boston Metro reports the state wants federal transportation officials to shut the entire company down until it fixes the problems.

By - 6/23/08 - 1:11 pm

Pedestrian killed when a dump truck plowed into a Fung Wah bus in New York's Chinatown this morning.

By - 7/12/07 - 4:18 pm

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has ordered Fung Wah to pay a blind couple $60,000 for refusing to let the pair and their guide dog travel to New York.

The commission also ordered the bus line to train its employees about Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws, in a ruling on a complaint brought by the state Attorney General's office on behalf of the couple.

By - 2/14/07 - 4:12 pm

No one injured in Allston crash.

Exclusive photos?

By - 12/12/06 - 9:17 am

When one of the state troopers who had pulled over Spatch's Fung Wash bus from New York yelled at the driver, repeatedly, to stay in his lane and stop swerving, Spatch figured something was up:

... [A]fter the police let us go and we painfully crawled up to speed in the right-hand lane (ignoring the policeman's last instruction to "drive up to speed on the breakdown lane and then carefully merge into traffic") the driver turned off the heat and opened his driver's side window wide open. The rush of cold air was exhilirating all the way back where we were.

By - 8/17/05 - 12:23 pm

Carpundit suggests Fung Wah riders pack a fire extinguisher from now on (here's why):

... What do you expect when you only pay $15 for a trip to New York? For that money, they can barely buy diesel, let alone maintain the bus. Note that the driver apparently doesn't speak English (or wasn't willing to) and did not communicate the need to evacuate the bus - passengers did. ...

By - 7/22/05 - 8:14 am

Tim reports he was cut off twice by the same Fung Wah bus on I-93 north:

... The first time it pushed itself into the right lane near Morrissey Boulevard, and later near the Dorchester Yacht Club, it pushed its way back into the center right lane. ...