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By adamg - 11/26/19 - 8:39 am

NBC Boston reports on the decision by the Boston Public Health Commission to ban menthols from convenience stores and other places where the under-21 set is allowed in.

By adamg - 11/18/15 - 4:00 pm

That includes the new vaping stuff, Walsh said today:

We know the consequences of tobacco use are real and can be devastating. These proposed changes send a strong message that Boston takes the issue of preventing tobacco addiction seriously, and I hope that message is heard throughout Boston and across the entire country.

The Boston Public Health Commission will hold a public hearing on Dec. 3 and then vote on Dec. 17.

By adamg - 2/9/11 - 8:57 am

Councilors Felix Arroyo (at large) and Sal LaMattina (East Boston, North End, Charlestown) say it's time to ban smoking at both city and state recreation sites in Boston.

The two say second-hand smoke poses too much of a health risk to other park goers and that "careless smokers who choose to litter their used cigarette butts threaten the environmental integrity and cleanliness of our cherished public spaces."

The city council considers their request for a hearing on the issue today.

By adamg - 10/4/10 - 8:26 am

Wicked Local Cambridge reports on a proposal by City Councilor Marjorie Decker.

By adamg - 12/11/08 - 8:04 pm

The Boston Public Health Commission today approved a ban on cigar bars, hookah joints and the sale of blunt wraps, "a tobacco leaf often marketed to youths and known to be used as drug paraphernalia."

Banned immediately: Smoking anywhere in a hotel or B&B, restaurant patios and loading docks.

Banned in 60 days: Tobacco sales in pharmacies and on college campuses.

Existing cigar and hookah bars have 10 years to plan their demises.

By deselby - 12/7/08 - 6:30 pm

On Thursday, the Boston Public Health Commission will vote on whether to kill off the few remaining cigar bars and sheesha cafes.

How can unelected bureaucrats legislate with such power over the rest of us? I blame the heavy hand of Menino, whose attempts to stifle any fun or mild mischief is making Boston a dead place. Maybe it's time to start an initiative petition to elect the Public Health Commission.

These bars already have stringent ventilation rules, so the impact on workers approaches nil. Anyways, as with a lot of jobs, individuals can assess the risks and benefits.

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