Dan Shaughnessy

By - 6/19/08 - 8:36 am

After a day of pretending to be happy, the true CHB is back, with a column reminding us that it's all downhill from here, that Boston teams used to really, really suck, that kids today just can't appreciate how badly those teams used to suck back in the last century and that Bill Belichick sure sucks.

Meanwhile, Seth Gitell wonders why no special Celtics section in the Globe today.

By - 6/17/08 - 3:58 pm

Shaughnessy's hoping against hope, now that the royalties on his Curse books are dwindling down.

By - 6/15/08 - 10:55 am

That would be, of course, Dan Shaughnessy, who, on the possible eve of the first Celtics championship in ages, feels compelled to bring up two decades of Celtics failures, from Len Bias dropping dead from cocaine to Bill Walton breaking his foot. It's surprising he didn't mention Rick Pitino (UPDATE: He did mention Pitino, my faith in his ability to leave no depressing stone unturned is restored).

By - 6/11/08 - 11:48 am

Through the miracle of the Interwebs, Don lets you watch Bob Ryan's and Dan Shaughnessy's takes on last night's Celtics/Lakers game. His conclusion:

... I wish Danny boy would take a buy-out and start writing for the NY Post or something. Moron.

By - 5/27/08 - 7:34 pm

Boston Sports Media Watch holds the vote.

By - 5/12/08 - 9:49 am

The Outraged Liberal, a Cleveland native, couldn't get past the fifth paragraph in Shaughnessy's column today because it's so riddled with factual errors about his birthplace.

By - 5/7/08 - 10:38 pm

A couple days ago, Rob expressed disgust with the way Dan Shaughnessy compared Kevin Garnett to Alex Rodriguez. He e-mailed Shaughnessy to let him know. Shaughnessy responded:

sorry -- no time for fanboy rants.


Which Rob also analyzes, concluding:

By - 4/30/08 - 1:09 pm

Could Bob Ryan be blogging about this Curse Boy train wreck of a column when he writes the following?

Have we no institutional memory? People are beginning to act as if something odd is going on in the Celtics-Hawks series, as if we've never seen this before.

If so, that would be so cool.

By - 3/28/08 - 9:23 am

Because, as Dan Shaughnessy Watch notes, he keeps writing about it:

... Time travel has become Dan's most recent obsession, so much so that one has to wonder if it has bumped Curt Schilling down a peg on the CHB-obsession meter. (If I am counting right, there was only one dig at Schilling all week). ...

By - 3/8/08 - 10:32 am

Dan Shaughnessy Watch deciphers the code:

State the obvious; criticize the expectations (ones that he feeds with one hand and slaps away with the other); ridicule the fans; state the obvious again; and finally contradict himself undermining the whole premise of his column.

By - 2/24/08 - 10:43 am

Dan Shaughnessy just can't leave The Curse alone.

Dan Shaughnessy Watch goes What the hell?

Suddenly it's clear, the devil took over the Boston Globe sports department some 20 years ago and left his spawn at the keyboard leaving us all to suffer.

By - 2/17/08 - 10:57 am

Shaughnessy is in full-bore shank mode today, ripping into Curt "Big Lug" Schilling. Why'd he wait so long? Now that he's getting older, must take him longer to collect all his bile in a jar. Or as Dan Shaughnessy Watch puts it:

... In the end, this was an amateurish hack job. In the ultimate irony....Shaughnessy, the media whore himself, is spread too thin with writing books and showing up on TV to be capable of writing a legitimate piece. I wonder if Shaughnessy wakes up in the middle of night and sees the beady eyes of a monster in the corner and thinks to himself "That must be the Big Lug" before he realizes that he is just looking in the mirror.

By - 2/5/08 - 10:17 am

Preferably in suppository form?

Yes, The Loss truly sucked, Dan. We get it. But this isn't Baltimore in 1970 after losing three championships in three different sports in one year to New York. So enough with The Curse/Grady Little/Joe Namath crap, you tired old hack.

By - 10/20/07 - 3:47 pm

Dan Shaughnessy Watch reports that the CHB's Curt Schilling column today is basically the same as his Curt Schilling column on Oct. 8:

... Now a little prediction, if Schill gets bombed tonight, the Shank claws will come out in full force ...

By - 10/15/07 - 11:30 am

And vice-versa? Dan Shaughnessy Watch has been chronicling the CHB's latest affectation.

By - 9/3/07 - 10:54 pm

I admit it: I'm a big fan of Curt Schilling as a ballplayer. And I love nothing more than a cutting blog post. Especially one about Dan Shaughnessy. But even still, tonight I feel like that guy who pulls Curt aside as he tries to learn Boston English in that commercial: No, no, Curt, you don't have to stoop to the CHB's level.

By - 8/18/07 - 10:53 am

Dan Shaughnessy Watch explains why.

By - 7/10/07 - 5:00 pm

So Mr. Shaughnessy's daughter asks friends to write positive reviews of his new book on Amazon. Word of the e-mail gets out and, well, the results speak for themselves.

By - 6/22/07 - 8:40 am

Is there nothing he won't stoop to?