Post Office Square Park

By - 11/3/16 - 12:57 pm
Levnthal Park in downtown Boston

Adam Castiglioni admired the foliage today in Leventhal Park in Post Office Square.

By - 11/30/15 - 7:56 am
Seasonal light show in Boston's Post Office Square Park

Nick Cosky enjoyed the lights in Post Office Square Park last night.

By - 2/27/14 - 7:28 pm
Post Office Square Park

Roving UHub Photographer Edmund Hennessy thought it was a bit odd - and cold - to see Occupy taking up space in Post Office Square Park today.

In fact, it's for filming a pilot for NBC about three families caught up in a global conspiracy.

By - 2/21/13 - 1:03 pm

We'll find out tomorrow: There's a Boston Shake planned for 12:30 p.m. in Post Office Square Park.

Ed. note: Shouldn't that be: Boston Frappe?

By - 3/9/11 - 11:27 am

But an alert downtown tipster reports that around 11, both Hendricks and Sarah Jessica Parker were in Post Office Square Park enjoying some sandwiches from the takeout place filming a scene for something, no doubt the movie that just a couple days ago was advertising for skateboarders and food-truck owners as extras.

By - 1/21/09 - 9:48 pm

Swirlygrrl looked up through the lattice at Post Office Square Park at the Verizon building.