Fox 25

By - 6/5/13 - 10:00 am
By - 3/10/08 - 7:57 pm

Let me begin by saying that I fervently hope I am wrong in what I thought I heard on Fox 25 last night. But it was bantered about a few times, so I don't think I'm wrong.

During the pre-weather chit-chat, the meteorologist (I think it was Kevin Lemanowicz) opined that with the earlier shift to Daylight Saving Time, it would be interesting to watch what happens to all those weather records, since there's more sunlight, so it'll get warmer. I guess he forgot that DST only changes the time of sunrise and sunset-- it doesn't alter Earth's orbit around the Sun.

By - 6/8/06 - 3:40 pm

Erin finds herself drawn to Fox 25's morning news, which is how she came to see Kim Carrigan discuss some group's musical style:

... [S]he kept mispronouncing the word "genre" - over and over and over again. She would pronounce it "jann-DRA" - emphasizing the 'd' which, hello, is not in that word. ...

By - 8/19/05 - 8:12 am

Sean notes that sometimes the Fox 25 morning news makes no sense whatsoever.