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English High School

By adamg - 6/24/12 - 11:10 am

The Globe takes a long look at the JP high school on the departure of the dynamic young principal hired to turn the school around, only he didn't.

By adamg - 10/2/11 - 12:54 pm

A grossed out citizen reports on the condition of the field at English High School:

English High School astroturf field is COVERED in athletic bandages, garbage, trash, cigarette butts, chicken bones (!) and debris. Disgusting!

By adamg - 5/21/11 - 10:02 am

Next year, students at English High will have to wear uniforms. Here's how they came up with them (note the look on the kids' faces when they see the first polo-type shirt, around 2:00):

Via Scope Urban Apparel.

By adamg - 4/24/11 - 11:42 pm

Jamaica Plain farmng

The City of Boston Archives has put up a number of photos from its records, including this one of a Jamaica Plain High School agricultural student, sometimes between 1925 and 1940. Also in the city records: A photo of the old Boston English High School on Montgomery Street in the South End, taken sometime before it moved to Avenue Louis Pasteur in 1954 (and then to its present location in Jamaica Plain).

By adamg - 4/11/10 - 10:17 pm

Boston Police report arresting an 18-year-old on charges he shot a man on March 26 at Amory and Williams streets near English High School.

By adamg - 6/13/09 - 9:51 am

The Globe reports the headmaster charged with turning around the troubled school may be close to being canned by School Superintendent Carol Johnson, but nobody wants to say why.

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