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Sean Ryan

By adamg - 11/4/11 - 7:26 am

The Jamaica Plain Gazette quizzed the seven candidates on some JP-specific issues. Only JP resident Sean Ryan had any criticisms of the way the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council handled the matter.

Speaking of the neighborhood council, the Gazette also reports that among the Whose Foods protesters outside the new store on its opening day earlier this week was Ben Day, the council's new chairman.

By adamg - 7/9/10 - 12:45 am

Sean Ryan of Jamaica Plain, who ran for an at-large city council seat last year, said today he is running for the District 6 seat being vacated by John tobin.

Ryan, a Boston public-school teacher, said he will make education the focus of his campaign. At an at-large candidate debate last year, he called for an end to school busing, an increase in the number of charter schools and a 10% pay cut for all city workers.

Also last year, Ryan blamed the Federal Reserve for 9/11.

By adamg - 7/28/09 - 2:31 pm

Mike Ball interviews at-large City Council candidate and libertarian Sean Ryan, who sees economic collapse as just the catharsis the country needs, but who admits that in the short run, he'll be running on a platform of more charter schools (with the ultimate goal of education vouchers) and an end to the BRA.

Ryan on 9/11 and the Federal Reserve.

By adamg - 7/14/09 - 4:06 pm

Today's Boston election roundup:

Chris Kulikoski, running against District 1 (North End, East Boston, Charlestown) incumbent Sal LaMattina, says the city needs to find new ways to combat rats. He said "rats as big as cats" scurry around near his Charter Street home after dark and that the city might have to take steps such as banning leaving trash on the street overnight: "Presently, trash sits out all night for next-day collection. Since rats are nocturnal, it only makes sense not to leave trash out overnight for rates to feast on. These are not the feasts the North End should be known for."

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