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Boston Magazine reports on Scott Brown's allegations during his "monthly on-air spongebath" on Herald radio. Of course, Brown might be the one person able to recognize Mass. voters filling in ovals north of the Merrimack - since he uniquely lost a Senate race here, then traveled north to lose a Senate race there.

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WBZ reports former Fox host Andrea Tantaros charges - in a lawsuit aimed at Fox News - that our former senator put his hands on her waist and made sexually suggestive comments.

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A month after former U.S. Senator Scott Brown sent out a series of odd tweets from his official social media account, the Fox News commentator finally addressed questions behind a jumbled message—and he blamed it on accidental “pocket tweeting.”

myfoxboston video:

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Scott Brown campaigned as a moderate independent but if you look at his record, he's a Republican who voted with Republicans 90% of the time in the US Senate until Elizabeth Warren announced her candidacy, and then he voted with Republicans on votes of importance 76% of the time.

No matter why you think he lost, you must consider whether the second most bi-partisan senator was still too conservative for Massachusetts.

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WarrenYou can call her Senator Warren now.

As more votes come in, WHDH is calling Elizabeth Warren the winner over incumbent Scott Brown. Among other things, Warren becomes the state's first woman senator.

While statewide the race was close, in Boston, city results show Warren winning 65-35.

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Obama voters for Brown? A roving UHub photographer captured the scene in Dudley Square.A roving UHub photographer captured the scene in Dudley Square yesterday.

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The Globe reports on Brown's request to the feds to back off from the way it regulates compounding pharmacies - such as the one in Framingham that's now responsible for more than a dozen deaths.

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Salon took a stopwatch to the debate tape and found that Scott Brown spoke 23 minutes and 40 seconds to Elizabeth Warren's 18 minutes and 15 seconds.

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Blue Mass. Group posted this video of Scott Brown staffers doing oh-no-not-at-all-racist war cries and tomahawk chops outside the Eire Pub in Dorchester the other day. And, of course, this being Boston, well, no rally is complete without a "Yankees suck!" chant.

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What changed since the Massachusetts AFL-CIO endorsed Scott Brown in 2008? Mostly Brown's positions.

by Laura Clawson

In 2008, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO endorsed Scott Brown in his race for state Senate. In 2012, it's a different story. In a Labor Day op-ed Boston newspapers wouldn't run, Steven Tolman, president of the state labor federation, writes that in 2008,

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On September 7, Republican Scott Brown commented on the new jobs report and claimed he "will be a fighter for jobs." But his record as US Senator says otherwise, which makes me wonder, how does Scott Brown fit into the Republican strategy of obstruction and will the press hold him accountable?

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In a recent press statement, Scott Brown declared that he was upset at a recent lawsuit settlement that requires the state to comply with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (aka "the Motor-Voter Law"). The law requires states to offer voter registration when you apply for government services like a driver's license, but also social services like welfare too. Voting rights groups across the country have taken their states to task recently to force compliance.

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The Karma of Dirty Politics
by Jerold Duquette

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Should you wish to adjust your schedule for Friday morning, Scott Brown will be ambling about the Square around 10 a.m., going into stores (whose owners have already been asked if that's OK), shaking hands, getting the lay of the land, doing whatever it is senators do when they visit the hustings.

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Scott Brown... "He's For Us." ...the unemployed are "them" not "us"