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Spectacle Island

By adamg - 4/9/24 - 8:55 am
Daymarker 5

Daymarker 5 in 2022, between Spectacle Island and Castle Island.

The family of Jeanica Julce of Somerville, who drowned in Boston Harbor in 2021 after the speed boat she was a passenger on hit a large, permanent navigational beacon off Spectacle Island, yesterday sued both Ryan Denver, the owner and captain of the Make It Go Away, and the operator of another boat the family charges struck Julce before speeding from the scene. Read more.

By adamg - 8/7/22 - 12:44 pm
Humpback whale splashing a fin

Paul Nutting Jr. watched one of those humpback whales that have been cruising the coast of late having some fun in Boston Harbor this morning - like right off Castle Island: Read more.

By adamg - 8/26/18 - 2:01 pm
Whale off Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor

LauMalo83 watched a whale off Spectacle Island today. Read more.

By adamg - 7/17/16 - 5:24 pm
Coyote on Spectacle Island

Thomas Mann spotted this coyote on Spectacle Island today, wonders if it's the same one he saw on Thompson Island in April.

By adamg - 9/28/14 - 12:03 am

State Police report arresting a North Andover man on a charge of boating under the influence after troopers on harbor patrol rescued him and five passengers from his 50-foot Sea Ray boat, sinking between Spectacle Island and the Long Island Bridge shortly after 7 p.m.

State Police say Paul Boulanger's boat hit a rock and began to sink. Some passengers suffered minor injuries as a result of being thrown from the bridge to the front of the boat during the collision.

By adamg - 7/6/13 - 8:46 pm

Boat on the rocks

Boating UHub photographer Noah Sachs captured the Sawsea aground on Spectacle Island as two Sea Tow boats try to pull it off the rocks.

By adamg - 1/20/10 - 1:29 pm

The Aurora, which normally makes the run between Hingham and Rowes Wharf, had to make an emergency stop at Spectacle Island when its engine caught fire around 11 a.m., according to reports from the Coast Guard and the Boston Fire Department.

By adamg - 10/12/09 - 9:37 am

John Carrol is struck by how few hot dogs the winner and runner-up of a hot-dog-eating contest on Spectacle Island actually ate: The winner barely scarfed down 7 1/2 in 10 minutes:

... Not to get all New York on you, but at the annual Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, they down almost ten times that number of franks in the same amount of time. ...

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