By - 12/15/10 - 8:40 am

The Crimson continues to stream news of the urine bottle and the library books: Officials now say the LGBT books were only accidentally given a golden shower when a worker noticed the bottle and knocked it over as he tried to remove it:

[I]t remains unclear why a bottle of urine was stowed in the library.

By - 12/12/10 - 11:14 pm

With what appears to be urine, the Crimson reports.

UPDATE: It was urine, but it was also an accident - somebody peed in a bottle and somebody else managed to knock it over while trying to get rid of the bottle. See comments.

By - 12/10/10 - 7:46 am

So stationing burly men with boiling cauldrons of hot pitch above the gates is out as well. Instead, Harvard is looking at other ways to protect students following 10 robberies on or near campus since Nov. 1, the Crimson reports.

By - 11/30/10 - 9:31 am

At least, when it comes to reimbursing Boston for city services.

A new report by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge looks at "payments in lieu of taxes" negotiated between some municipalities and their non-profit, non-property-tax paying landowners. Boston collects more of these payments than any other city in the country (and Massachusetts has much more cities collecting them than any other state), but because they're negotiated separately, the amount each local institution pays varies considerably.

By - 11/19/10 - 8:17 am

At issue: Who forged an e-mail from a prestigious consulting firm for an "exclusive" recruiting session the same time as the election for president of the campus Republican club, the Crimson reports.

By - 11/13/10 - 12:52 pm

From this morning's Boston Globe, page B2, "Harvard puts out warning after robbery":

By - 11/1/10 - 6:47 am

Harvard health officials are urging students to stay away from "blackout in a can;" turns out some Harvard students required medical attention after drinking the stuff, the Crimson reports:

The advisory issued by Harvard followed a similar announcement made to students at Boston College last week, prompting one Harvard College administrator to "wonder if we're behind the curve in not being more vocal against its negative effects," according to an e-mail thread forwarded to a House list.

By - 10/21/10 - 6:52 am

Abandoned stationProposed pizza place.

The Allston Civic Association narrowly voted to oppose plans for an upscale pizza place at what is now an abandoned Citgo station on Western Avenue because family restaurants shouldn't serve beer or wine, the Crimson reports.

By - 10/5/10 - 7:01 am

The Crimson reports Harvard University recently spent $21 million to buy a 4,000-acre dairy farm in New Zealand.

By - 9/22/10 - 7:32 pm

1,905 pages long. And this being the 21st century, he left a copy on the Web. With a Creative Commons license so all can share.

Via Stephanie.

By - 9/18/10 - 3:41 pm

The Crimson reports on the morning incident:

Katherine C. Mentzinger '14, a resident of Thayer Hall, said that she saw the body from her friend’s room in the dorm and heard one gunshot.

"From my friend's window, I could see him in a pool of blood," she said.

By - 9/14/10 - 7:17 am

The Crimson reports a male undergraduate walking down Garden Street early Sunday was taunted as "fag" and "queer" by three men, who then chased him down a side street and demanded his wallet and cell phone. According to a Harvard Police report, when the three saw the wallet was empty, they threw it and the phone on the ground, threw his keys over a fence and left.

By - 9/2/10 - 11:15 pm

DateHarvardSq is a new site that will let women pay for the opportunity to hook up with 100% guaranteed Harvard dbags, um, grads, who won't have to pay anything because they're in such demand.

The opposing view from atop Mt. Olympus: Date Harvard Men Without Streetwalking Down Mass Ave.:

In my day, we didn't need fancy websites to help Harvard men hook up with desperate women. We just went to BU parties and chewed with our mouths closed, exclusively. That usually did the trick.

By - 8/11/10 - 10:47 pm

As Harry Mattison explains, there's nothing wrong, per se, with a McDonald's, except that it goes in the area where Harvard kept insisting it needed to build multi-story buildings to achieve the sort of density required by great projects. Think of it as the reverse of Boylston Street in the Fenway, where the McDonald's is giving way to something a lot taller.

By - 6/30/10 - 10:17 am

The Crimson interviews classmates of JFK School of Government grad student and alleged Russian spy Donald Heathfield. Most express surprise, etc., etc., but one classmate recalls something particularly odd about him:

Classmate Jeff P. Katz said that he "really didn't know the guy," but had attended a few parties where Heathfield - who claimed to be a Canadian-born U.S. citizen - was present and even noticed a "funny accent" that lacked the Canadian "eh."

By - 6/29/10 - 9:25 am

A Saudi dentist charges professors at Harvard School of Dental Medicine did everything they could to keep her from getting a doctorate there - including charging her with plagiarism on a test when, she says, she was just using memorization techniques taught to all Saudi students.

Ons Alkhadra filed her suit yesterday in US District Court in Boston. She is seeking unspecified damages as well as reimbursement of her tuition money.

By - 6/18/10 - 3:59 pm

The U is opening a batting cage and mini-golf course in a former garage on Western Avenue that will be open to the public for free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays:

The site was host to a temporary ice skating rink last winter. The new use is part of Harvard’s ongoing commitment to strengthen the active stewardship of its properties and improve community vitality in Allston.

By - 6/18/10 - 8:11 am

John Carroll reports the Baker Library there is hosting an exhibit of the state of photographic advertising from the 1934 National Alliance of Art and Industry Exhibition.

By - 6/6/10 - 8:45 pm

The Crimson reports that Forrest N. Blackwelder-Baggett, formerly of the class of '11, was arrested last week on charges he tried to rob a Texas restaurant at gunpoint. The paper notes: