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2011 elections

By adamg - 10/13/11 - 8:35 pm

Arroyo speaks at Occupy Boston.

Local unions came out swinging in favor of Occupy Boston today. At an afternoon rally, the final speaker wasCity Councilor Felix Arroyo, himself a former organizer for the SEIU. Afterwards, Arroyo was asked about Council President Steve Murphy's comments this morning that he's worried about an estimated $2-million-a-month cost for police overtime and about the arrival of "professional agitators."

Arroyo said he has not seen any figures from the police department yet on the costs of patrolling the occupation, or Murphy's comments, so he said he could not really comment on either.

But, Arroyo said, "The question is, though, what the cost is to the city if we don't change our economic practices now, what is the cost then and that's the lense I hope we [use to] look at this, to say what is the cost to all of us if we continue on this track, if we continue on the track where 99% of the population is essentially struggling and 1% has all our wealth."

By adamg - 10/13/11 - 12:03 pm

City Council President Steve Murphy talked about Occupy Boston on Channel 25 today. While he said he agrees with some of the points protesters are making - banks got bailouts, Big Oil nearly bankrupted the US auto industry - he said police are now on target to spend $2 million a month on patrolling the area, and that money has to come from somewhere.

Whether it's snow plowing or street cleaning or educational needs or summer jobs for kids, frankly, it's all in the same bucket and we only have so much wheat in that barrel. ... Wall Street isn't picking up the tab on this it's Boston taxpayers. ... I just don't think it's good to try to bankrupt a city as you're trying to make your point. And I think that might be where we're headed.

Murphy also echoed comments by Police Commissioner Ed Davis after the Tuesday-morning arrests, that "professional agitators" have joined the occupation and want to cause trouble.

By adamg - 10/13/11 - 7:26 am

Several Boston Proper neighborhood groups are sponsoring an at-large candidate forum on Oct. 24 at the Park Street School, 67 Brimmer St. on Beacon Hill.

Starts at 6:30 p.m., and you'll get to hear from incumbents Steve Murphy, Felix Arroyo, Ayanna Pressley and John Connolly and challenges Michael Flaherty, Will Dorcena and Sean Ryan. You get four votes in the November election.

By adamg - 9/28/11 - 7:53 am

Mike Ball considers last night's results in District 2, which saw challenger Suzanne Lee of the South End top incumbent Bill Linehan of South Boston:

Like those inconsiderate schlubs who stroll slowly while jaywalking to inconvenience as many drivers as possible, some Boston neighborhoods love a sense of power. South Boston has been one, as in returning the dreadful bigoted Jim Kelly to this seat numerous times. He was obnoxious, inefficient and a true insult to the district outside of Southie. They did it because they could.

By adamg - 9/27/11 - 8:57 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports that Frank Baker topped the ballot in today's preliminary election to replace Maureen Feeney and that he'll face off against John O'Toole in November.

By adamg - 9/27/11 - 12:20 pm

David Bernstein has been tweeting the wicked low turnout numbers today in the preliminary council races in districts 2, 3 and 7:

To increase turnout, Boston ballot should have included a referendum on who to blame for Red Sox collapse.

By adamg - 9/26/11 - 8:38 am

Voters in District 2 (South Boston, South End, Chinatown), District 3 (Dorchester) and District 7 (Roxbury, Fenway) will narrow down the field of candidates tomorrow for the November elections.

In District 2, incumbent Bill Linehan is facing challenges from Suzanne Lee and Robert Ferrara. Report from a candidate forum.

By adamg - 9/7/11 - 9:12 am

Incumbent Bill Linehan will share a room with challengers Suzanne Lee and Bob Ferrara on Sept. 13 in a forum sponsored by the Blackstone/Franklin Square Neighborhood Association

By adamg - 8/30/11 - 1:36 pm

The Boston Bastard reminds reporters that it's not just Michael Flaherty and the Incumbents (Ed. note: Would make a good 60s cover band) - there are two other candidates running for one of the four open seats this year.

Andrew Ryan wrote a piece about Michael Flaherty's disappointing fundraising considering his mastery of it in previous races. Ryan also fell into the mold of not acknowledging Ryan and Dorcena, characterizing the race as one in which, "five well-known politicians are competing for four seats. One will lose."

By adamg - 8/20/11 - 3:47 pm

Apparently, Michael Graham thinks a Texas Starbucks franchise was within its rights to fire a woman with dwarfism. Dan Kennedy wants to know just what went down on a Graham segment on 96.9 yesterday for which City Councilor Felix Arroyo was a guest:

By adamg - 8/6/11 - 9:41 am

Gin Dumcius tweets from Dorchester:

So either some Dorchester homes are split between O'Toole and Bennett, or Bennett is jamming signs into lawns w/o asking. Again.

Last time around it was stickers.

By adamg - 8/3/11 - 2:28 pm

Mike Ball compiles some stats on the seven people running for four open at-large seats in this fall's at-large council race.

By adamg - 6/21/11 - 11:19 pm

At a candidate forum sponsored by the Ward 5 Democratic Committee tonight, two of the four incumbents urged voters to keep all four in office because they work so well together.

Six of the seven candidates for the four open seats on Nov. 8 addressed topics from the city's biggest societal change over the past decade to greening up the city. Incumbent Ayanna Pressley did not attend; she is caring for her sick mother.

What follows are the questions and the gist of their answers. Also see Stevil's summary.

By adamg - 6/21/11 - 7:16 am

The seven candidates for Boston's four at-large City Council seats meet in their first forum tonight in the Back Bay.

The forum, sponsored by the Ward 5 Democratic Committee, starts at 7 p.m. at the First Church in Boston, at the corner of Marlborough and Berkeley streets. People who arrive early will get to hear Newton Mayor Setti Warren discuss his bid for Scott Brown's Senate seat.

By adamg - 6/9/11 - 8:31 am

David Bernstein ponders this fall's low-key municipal elections: Will we break 2007's record low turnout of under 14%?

One place where the turnout might be higher is District 3 in Dorchester, where seven people want to replace Maureen Feeney. The Bay State Banner surveys the crowd.

By adamg - 5/24/11 - 9:57 pm

According to incumbent Felix Arroyo, it's $100,000. Arroyo told supporters in e-mail he wants to raise that much to keep being one of four at-large councilors in this fall's election:

These funds will help us hire an organizer, open an office, pay for mailings and get our vote out.

By adamg - 5/16/11 - 5:47 pm

South Boston youth-sports activist Bob Ferrara announced today he's running for the District 2 seat (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, Bay Village and a smidge of Dorchester) held by incumbent Bill Linehan. Suzanne Lee, former principal of the Quincy School in Chinatown, had previously announced she was running as well.

Ferrara accused Linehan of being a Menino mouthpiece:

By adamg - 5/13/11 - 7:13 am

The Dig interviews Michael Flaherty on his bid to get back on the City Council and asks him if he stays in touch with the latter half of Floon, now down in DC. He does:

[H]e definitely misses Boston, and quite frankly wishes that he never had to move, but after having run for mayor I think that there was a tremendous amount of pressure, and he was having difficulty finding a job because the administration seemed to be going out of their way to prevent that from happening.

By adamg - 5/8/11 - 2:20 pm

Michael Flaherty announced today that, yes, he is running for an at-large seat on the City Council in the fall elections. He gave up his seat in 2009 to run for mayor.

By adamg - 4/29/11 - 12:26 am

Kenny Jervis, a leader of the successful fight earlier this year to keep the Clap School in Dorchester open, formally launched his bid for one of the four at-large City Council seats open this fall.

Although Jervis is making education the starting point of his platform - he wants to see more parents on the School Committee - he said he also wants to fight the bureaucracy that he said makes it too difficult for businesses to start up in or move to Boston.

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