amy bishop

By - 2/21/10 - 12:18 pm

The Times reports Bishop may have been working on a "herpes bomb" when she was denied tenure. Jay Fitzgerald concludes the real problem in this case was that:

[S]he was always surrounded by all these allegedly smart people who assumed she was crazy enough to do these things -- and yet she was allowed, even encouraged, to flitter away to her next weird encounter, a societal problem pawned off to the next chumps in line.

By - 2/17/10 - 8:36 am

Martin Solomon is friends with a guy who was the alleged mass murderer's neighbor in Ipswich before she and her husband moved to Alabama. He posts the neighbor's less-than-fond reminiscences of her:

By - 2/16/10 - 8:02 pm

Hokay. Now the Globe reports she punched another woman in the head in a Peabody IHOP in 2002 because the woman got the last child seat in the restaurant.

By - 2/16/10 - 12:45 pm

Adam Reilly surveys reaction to the Herald's shocking revelation that Amy Bishop played Dungeons and Dragons as a teen, just like Mucko McDermott and, um, Curt Schilling. He awaits the Herald's discovery of a third murderous D&D player, because as any ink-stained wretch knows, it's not officially a trend without three examples.

By - 2/12/10 - 10:32 pm

Numerous sources (mostly feeding off reports at identify the woman suspected in today's mass shooting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville as Amy Bishop, who rece