By - 7/3/08 - 8:20 am

Boston Chomps explains why that's Shangri La in Belmont.

By - 6/21/06 - 11:44 pm

Bill Ives posts a list of good lunch places in Belmont and Somerville.

By - 6/16/06 - 9:48 pm

Paul Tamburello really likes Vicki Lee's Cafe, which serves light breakfasts and lunches:

A visit to Vicki Lee's Cafe in Belmont transforms eating into a religious experience. There are no candles, religious icons, or stained glass windows in sight but plenty of hosannas can be heard coming from the lips of the diners. ...

By - 10/3/05 - 7:57 am

Eeka ambles around north of the river and takes some photos, including one of a road that goes east, west and south all at once and the closed doors at the Open Door Baptist Church.