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Richard Davey

By adamg - 3/28/10 - 9:18 am

New Globe transportation writer Eric Moskowitz takes a ride on the T with the T's new general manager, learns all sorts of interesting tidbits (his father used to sing "Charlie on the MTA" to him), reports that, yes, the T is going to fix the busted gongy thing at Kendall, rather than just let it fall on somebody's head or something, which seemed to be the previous T administration's answer to its mechanical failings.

By adamg - 3/25/10 - 8:32 am

The T as tourist attraction: Why not? We've already got people who come from all over just to ride the Mattapan line. So as an amateur train nerd myself, I think it's cool that the new MBTA general manager wants to open up the inner workings of the T to train buffs.

By adamg - 3/22/10 - 3:56 pm

DaveyDaveySo Richard Davey says he has a pretty good idea how to increase ridership on the system: Get the trains to run on time. And when that doesn't happen - make sure riders know what's going on.

Davey spoke briefly to reporters today at Back Bay station. He says he takes the T every day now to get to his current job as general manager of the MBCR, which runs the region's commuter-rail trains. He gets on the Green Line at Hynes, and then transfers at Park Street for the Red Line to South Station. He was introduced by state Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan, who said the MassDOT board will vote Thursday on his recommendation to appoint Davey as general manager.

Davey actually listed safety as his top priority at the T, followed by customer relations, building up trust among employees, innovation in services and maintaining steady finances.

He added that keeping riders informed when things do go wrong is vital. "As long as we're communicating with people, people are generally receptive," he said, adding he was unfamiliar with this morning's Red Line snafu.

Davey, 36, grew up in Randolph.

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