By - 9/17/17 - 7:06 pm

The National Weather Service has issued the watch for Plymouth County and points to the south as Jose approaches. On the one hand, no risk of tornadoes; on the other hand, people should "earnestly prepare for the potential of significant wind impacts."

By - 9/15/17 - 1:00 pm
Jose cone of probability

Let's just keep telling ourselves, "It's no Irma." Plus, of course, it could still miss us completely. Still, we might, maybe, possibly, get tropical-storm-force winds (between 39 and 73 MPH) by Tuesday morning.

Spaghetti cone discussion.

By - 9/14/17 - 10:52 pm

When last we heard from Hurricane Jose, it was just some stupid fish storm churning endlessly in a circle and weatherpeople felt free to insult it.But now (and thanks a lot, Eric Fisher), the National Hurricane Center is advising us to shut up for a second and pay attention: Read more.

By - 9/8/17 - 11:33 am
Destroyed Boston Coliseum

Post-Gale coliseum.

Today, the folks at the Boston City Archives remind us, is the anniversary of the Boston landfall of the Gale of 1869, a small but powerful hurricane that did major damage to the new Boston Coliseum - built for a "peace jubilee" where Trinity Church and the Fairmont Copley Plaza sit now.

Linda Horton writes about the Gale: Read more.

By - 9/1/17 - 12:25 pm
Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma at noon today. Via CIMSS Tropical Cyclones.

Still too early to say - Irma's still a week or so away from North America and hurricane forecasting that far out just isn't reliable - the computer models the National Hurricane Center uses don't yet agree on where it's heading. The latest National Hurricane Center discussion says there are some indications it might not turn into the Mega Killer Death Storm it seemed to be exploding into yesterday. Read more.

By - 8/30/17 - 9:19 am

With flooding in the news, WBZ reports that the Sustainable Solutions Lab at UMass Boston (itself right on the water) is looking at the potential of a hurricane barrier that would stretch along the outer waters of Boston Harbor and be activated when a hurricane approached. Read more.

By - 8/9/14 - 9:36 am

The state has released a map of evacuation zones for major hurricanes.

The map shows areas that could get whacked by worst-case storm surges - with the brownish areas those that would likely get flooded in Category 1 storms, yellow in Category 2 storms and green in Category 3 and 4 storms (you can also download more detailed community maps).

By - 9/21/13 - 9:53 am
Sailboat stranded on Dorchester beach after hurricane

Today's the 75th anniversary of the Hurricane of 1938 smacking New England upside the head. And as you can see from Leslie Jones's photo, it pushed a sailboat or two onto the beach along Dorchester Bay - just like Hurricane Sandy did last year.

The Hurricane of '38 meant crushed cars in Cambridge:

By - 8/25/13 - 12:24 pm

No, not the Hurricane of '38. The Great Colonial Hurricane of 1635, at least, based on a 2006 analysis for the National Hurricane Center, which features eyewitness accounts from William Bradford of Plymouth and John Winthrop (yes, that John Winthrop) of Boston:

By - 8/30/11 - 2:24 pm

Watch for the creepy doll toward the end of this video by RonRicho (also noted by Rhea Becker).

By - 8/29/11 - 10:42 am

Drippy South Station

Mikesssss braved the falling water at South Station yesterday.

Copyright Mikesssss. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 8/29/11 - 9:34 am

The Herald talks to Harvey Silverglate about the guy arrested at Nantasket Beach yesterday when he refused to come out of the surf. Well, that and after he allegedly ran across the road to try to evade state troopers.

By - 8/29/11 - 9:21 am

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency reports that as of 7 a.m., 91,021 NStar and 339,947 National Grid electricity customers were without power.

By - 8/28/11 - 10:46 pm

Includes the now infamous death-defying rescue of a Channel 7 reporter's hat from the angry seas in Marion Harbor.

By - 8/28/11 - 7:53 pm

Common tree down

RecipeCan walked around Beacon Hill, the Common and the Public Garden today, taking photos of the destruction, including this downed tree on the Common.

By - 8/28/11 - 7:38 pm

Lost sailboat in Swampscott

Tim Mouradian photographed a lost sailboat in Swampscott today.

Copyright Tim Mouradian. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 8/28/11 - 5:27 pm

Fire Department dispatch center. Photo by BFD.Fire Department alarm operations center. Photo by BFD.

UPDATE: City increased estimate of number of customers without power Sunday evening.