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Jon Keller

By adamg - 9/7/17 - 10:09 am

Our resident scold, who normally spends his days complaining about our driving habits and kids on his lawn, is happy today because Boston has become world classier than New York: GE moved here, Berklee is bigger than whatever allegedly passes for music education in that sad, sorry city to our south and, oh, yeah, Yankees suck!

By adamg - 4/26/11 - 8:55 am

One of the leaders of the Boston crankerati has had quite enough of carping about that wedding:

Think of this wedding as a celebration of how love can empower people to face any challenge and overcome any obstacle.

So by all means, stay dry-eyed, and keep your distance if you must. But lets' not let all the hype obscure the true meaning of the event.

Love lives, even among British royalty. And we should all be grateful that it does.

By adamg - 8/18/09 - 10:20 am

Keller tries to make a point about western Massachusetts, but fails miserably because he has no clue where western Massachusetts starts. Lance lends him a clue: It's not Leominster or Fitchburg.

By adamg - 2/12/09 - 9:59 am

This morning, the Mouth that Roared declared that nobody cares what he's doing every minute of the day. And I couldn't help but agree: I don't care what he's doing every minute of the day.

Of course, Keller said that in the context of being roughly the 74,000th media pundit to sneeringly declare his disdain for people who use Twitter, because if he doesn't get it, there's obviously something wrong with it.

Twitter this, Mr. Keller.

By adamg - 11/19/08 - 10:36 am

Sadly, I think Keller was dead serious this morning on WBZ when he accused people who plan to cut back their Christmas shopping this year of being "selfish" because they are helping to ruin the economy. Good to know he still has a secure job.

By adamg - 3/28/08 - 1:11 pm

Jon Keller breaks the news (dear Channel 4: Read up on permalinks and fix your busted RSS, 'kay?).

The Outraged Liberal thinks the controversy is a bit overblown, it's not like Patrick was Client 10 or something, but still, he's forced to ask: This couldn't have waited?

... The man who showed a great understanding for the yearnings of Massachusetts residents has developed a tin ear, the kind that made Michael Dukakis a temporary one-termer.

David Bernstein writes this is one case where perception matters:

... It's absolutely legitimate for Mass. residents to be wary of gubernatorial absenteeism, even to the point of hypersensitivity, after Romney, Cellucci, Weld, Dukakis. ...

FrankSkeffington: Even if he still lost big, he OWED it to the folks who were in the trenches fighting for HIS bill to provide support by being there:

But no, Deval went. That says a lot about the man and it's not good.

Jay Fitzgerald wonders when the Commonwealth got renamed "Titanic:"

Imagine the captain of a sinking ship exhorting his doomed crew and passengers to remain calm while he hopped into a life boat exclaiming, 'Well, nice knowing you. I'm off to sign a book deal!' ... Of course Deval's casino bill was doomed before it sank below the House surface last week. But the timing of Deval's trip to New York to sign a book deal just doesn't look right. ...

By adamg - 10/19/07 - 1:28 pm

Blue Mass. Group says it sure can, which is why it's now encouraging people to prowl bookstores this weekend, counting up the number of footnotes in political books so that Jon Keller can be ground into the dust, or something.

Joe Keohane, meanwhile, surveys the burgeoning number of bloggers on both ends of the political spectrum kerfuffling it up and tells them why they suck, every last one of them.

By adamg - 10/18/07 - 4:33 pm

In the Herald, Jessica Haslam calls Jon Keller a plagiarist (without actually using the word "plagiarist," but come on, that's what she's calling him):

By adamg - 8/28/07 - 8:32 am

Over at Blue Mass. Group, David got an advance copy of Jon Keller's upcoming book (due out next week) on how Massachusetts sucks and begins a 14-part review of it:

By adamg - 3/23/07 - 8:50 am

SlimeMaster JKI hope we never learn that there were ratings considerations behind yesterday's awkward, invasive blog post on the press conference by Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife to discuss her recurring breast cancer. Because as someone who's lost relatives to that awful disease, the notion that some slick commentator on the make might exploit it for ratings gain is way off the scale of acceptability.

By adamg - 12/11/06 - 8:55 am

How else to explain his unrelentingly bitter outlook on Massachusetts, the one that might make an observer exclaim "So move already!" Latest example: He sees "The Departed" and concludes it's proof the entire state of Massachusetts sucks.

By adamg - 11/15/06 - 10:08 am

Anybody who's followed my writing (yeah, both of you) knows I don't much care for Jon Keller. But give the man his due: He has Boston roots. On his daily gaseous exhalation on WBZ radio this morning, he twice referred to a certain murder trial as being "down the Cape." Something to talk about around the bubbla.

By adamg - 9/27/06 - 3:49 pm

Who knew Jon Keller and Christy Mihos were so tight that Keller would bare his teeth at Hub Politics for suggesting that Mihos is really just a Patrick sock puppet? Keller's exact words about the Hub Politics musings (that Mihos is running only to help Patrick so Patrick can re-appoint Mihos to the turnpike board; with the tie being a lawyer who helped Mihos in his turnpike court case who is now Tim Murray's spokesman):

By adamg - 7/10/06 - 10:24 pm

Blue Mass. Group is hosting a teleconference battle of the pundits tomorrow (Tuesday) between Jon Keller and Adam Reilly of the Phoenix. Starts at 8 p.m. Click on the link for the phone number or to submit questions (the teleconference itself will be listen-only for everyone who isn't named Keller or Reilly).

By adamg - 6/12/06 - 11:39 am

Jon Keller: Not all bloggers are nuts:

The blogosphere has an image of being a gathering place for all kinds of nuts. But is that reputation really justified?

By adamg - 4/27/06 - 2:44 pm

Sure, some people might consider Jon Keller a gasbag (hmm, like who, I wonder?), but Chris Cagle says you really have to compare him against the competition, like Andy Hiller or John Henning. And when you do that, there's really no competition:

By adamg - 3/8/06 - 7:49 pm

Chris Cagle welcomes the Channel 4 commentator to the blogosphere, then shows him how blogs are different from the MSM - readers can talk back and you can't stop them.

Oh, speaking of Channel 4, Dan Roche has a Red Sox blog - and unlike Keller's, his RSS feed actually works.

By adamg - 3/6/06 - 1:45 pm

[email protected] Blog is now live. There's a button for an RSS feed but it doesn't actually bring anything up right now.

By adamg - 3/4/06 - 3:25 pm

Dan Kennedy relays the news that Jon Keller, the Mikey of Boston punditry (he doesn't like anything, at least, judging by his morning denunciations on WBZ-AM), will start blogging on Monday, somewhere here. He'll be blogging several times a day, the station says.

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