By - 7/5/09 - 5:39 pm

The Globe reports Middlesex County had to evacuate inmates from the high-rise jail in Lechmere today after some inmates managed to break the sprinkler system and flood the facility.

Around 5:30 p.m., Vumana tweeted:

Just left petco in cambrdge -heard all the jailbirds from middlesex jail hooting and hollering as they get evacuated

By - 4/30/09 - 9:10 am

Those would be Lechmere trolleys.

By - 2/4/09 - 11:27 pm

This is my first post here - I wanted to vent about the nightmare that is the short commute between Government Center and Lechmere. Those of us who make that commute typically spend 15 - 20 minutes on the platform as train after train ends at Government Center, putting more and more people off to stand and wait for a train going on to North Station and/or Lechmere. If you're really having a lucky day, a North Station train will come along and most people will crowd onto it - commuters connecting with Commuter Rail at North Station.

By - 10/9/08 - 10:17 am

Cambridge Police report a Dorchester resident was robbed around 7:25 p.m. yesterday by three knife-wielding 16-year-olds on First Street, between CambidgeSide Galleria and the Lechmere T stop. They made off with his cell phone.

By - 9/29/08 - 12:42 pm

Cambridge Police report on four recent incidents at CambridgeSide Galleria:

On Friday morning, an employee of the Old Navy Store allegedly took a customer's debit card and used it to buy a cell phone at the Mobile Solution Store. The customer caught up with the employee at the Lechmere T stop and confronted her. The woman gave the card back, but when the victim demanded to know about the unauthorized purchase, the clerk "struck the victim in the chest area." She then fled, leaving the cell phone behind.

On Saturday afternoon, a Boston resident told police a woman managed to get her credit-card information at the Sephora store, then left.

On Sunday afternoon, a clerk at an unidentified second-floor store allegedly slapped a customer when she didn't move out of his way fast enough for him:

The victim was shopping with her two children and had a visible red mark on her right cheek. The suspect admitted that he struck the victim and felt he did nothing wrong because he told her to move. The suspect was informed that he would receive a summons in the mail.

Also Sunday afternoon: A woman trying on clothes at Aeropostale reported somebody stole her handbag from the dressing room.

By - 8/21/08 - 3:35 pm

Today's only-in-T-land adventure comes from En Ki, who reports that when he got to Lechmere with his bike last night, the driver of the 80 bus closed the door and drove on without him rather than wait for him to put his bike on the rack. So he got on his bike, beat the bus to the next stop and the driver blew right past him. He then tried to catch up, found the bus coming back the other way, got to a bus stop - and the driver once again drove right by him.

... Next time I find myself in this situation, of course, I will ask myself "What Would Dan Grabauskas Do?"

By - 5/5/08 - 8:05 pm

The Cambridge Chronicle posts the new stops north of Lechmere proposed for the Green Line extension - including a relocated Lechmere.

By - 12/23/07 - 7:50 am

What are the odds that on the last Saturday before Christmas, there'd be more people than usual taking the Green Line from the T stop nearest the Cambridgeside Galleria? If you're a T manager, you apparently think "Oh, light travel day, let's just run single cars!" Cleary Squared recounts the last-train-out-of-Paris scene:

By - 8/9/07 - 5:18 pm

Hondo reports from North Station, where five straight Green Line trolleys simply turned around this morning instead of making the trip to Lechmere - and where one increasingly frantic commuter kept getting onto the tracks in the hopes of sussing out an actual Lechmere car:

This is what it has come to. The T is so horrible at providing a simple, reliable way around Boston that people are literally risking their lives to see if, or when, the next train is on the way. ...

By - 7/6/07 - 12:52 pm

Another entry in the NorthPoint development saga:

It seems that only those living or working at NorthPoint will get easy access to the station.

Just what I wanted, another bait-and-switch.

By - 8/30/06 - 10:55 pm

Eeka reports she will be a volunteer victim in Operation Poseidon, an area-wide exercise designed to gauge the readiness of local emergency responders for a massive terrorist disaster:

... I'm scheduled to report to the CambridgeSide Galleria ass early on September 17 so I can be a bombing victim. I don't know yet if I'll be dead, injured, or just potentially contaminated by radioactivity. ...

By - 11/5/05 - 10:56 am

Green Line service will return to Lechmere and Science Park stations on Saturday, November 12, according to this official T press release.

This will be welcome news for shoppers and employees of the CambridgeSide Galleria mall, as well as for Somerville residents transferring from the #80, #87, and #88 buses.