By - 4/21/18 - 9:51 pm

Five shots fired on Waldren Road about 9:40 p.m. One car hit.

By - 4/16/18 - 1:13 pm

A man was shot on Blue Hill Avenue near Wayne Street around 1 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's injuries.

Southbound traffic was being diverted at Geneva Avenue.

By - 4/13/18 - 12:56 pm

Boston Police report arresting two men they say used an air gun in an armed robbery in which one of them punched a victim in the face. Read more.

By - 4/11/18 - 6:12 pm

Boston Police report an officer was forced to shoot a dog that would not stop tearing into a woman this afternoon outside 133 Eustis St. in Roxbury - right next door to where two people were shot last night. Read more.

By - 4/11/18 - 4:40 pm

Boston Police report arresting a man at the scene of a double shooting on Eustis Street last night and arresting him for the crime. Read more.

By - 4/11/18 - 10:10 am
Walnut Park fire

Walnut Park fire. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports one firefighter suffered non-life-threatening injuries at a fire that broke out early this morning in an unoccupied house at the rear of 41 Walnut Park in Roxbury.

By - 4/10/18 - 11:35 am
64 Alpine St.

Architect's rendering.

The Board of Appeals today approved a 14-unit building cooked up by Darryl Settles and his partner for the corner of Alpine and Regent streets. Read more.

By - 4/8/18 - 2:44 pm
1950 Washington St. proposal

Rendering that shows six people, all white.

The Community Development Corp. of Boston has filed plans with the BPDA to make an office building at the corner of Washington and Thorndike streets taller and wider, and convert it to mainly residential space, with retail space on the ground floor. Read more.

By - 3/30/18 - 9:37 am

WBUR reports on the closing of Sonny Walker's on Warren Street.

By - 3/29/18 - 10:11 am

A federal judge yesterday sentenced Patrick Keogan, 46, to five years in federal prison for offenses that included threatening to burn down the Islamic Society of Boston mosque at Roxbury Crossing, after federal prosecutors asked for a stiff sentence in part to show other racists what they can expect. Read more.

By - 3/28/18 - 1:27 pm

Boston Police report officers investigating a report of gunfire in the area of Warren and Maywood streets arrested a Roxbury man with a gun in his pocket. Read more.

By - 3/25/18 - 12:57 pm

KMV reports a man was shot on Westminster Avenue near Washington Street early this morning. Somebody put him in a car and wound up at Blue Hill Avenue and Warren Street, where police were investigating an unrelated crash. EMTs were summoned, the man was taken to the hospital in bad shape - the homicide unit was called in due to the severity of his injuries.

By - 3/24/18 - 3:54 pm
Blood on your hands at gun-control rally

It took some 45 minutes for all the marchers who started at Madison Park to fill into the Common, through a single entrance and past a BPD SWAT vehicle to join the thousands of people already waiting for them for a rally for gun control, against the NRA and against the bloodshed that happens time and time again - not just at high schools in well off towns, but in the streets of Roxbury, where Tarek Mroue was shot to death in a road-rage incident. Read more.

By - 3/23/18 - 1:16 pm

MassDOT reports the T will be boosting service on all four subway lines tomorrow during the March for Our Lives, which starts at 11 a.m. at Madison Park High School and ends with a rally on Boston Common. Read more.

By - 3/20/18 - 4:23 pm

Boston Police are investigating how two people wound up stabbed in a residence on East Cottage Street at Norfolk Avenue around 3 a.m. on Monday.

Police say that as police arrived, both victims were still inside. Both suffered injuries not considered life threatening. Neither could provide a suspect description before they were transported to the hospital, police say.

By - 3/19/18 - 9:24 pm

Ritcher Baez, 25, of New York City, today admitted he killed Pippin Roe near a Jackson Square construction site in 2014, then left her body under some leaves and debris, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Read more.

By - 3/16/18 - 3:13 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted James Paige, 51, on a charge of first-degree murder for the September, 1987 murder of Dora Brimage, 19, whose body was found in a building under renovation on Warren Street. Read more.

By - 3/6/18 - 12:24 pm

The Board of Appeals today formally accepted Suffolk Construction Co.'s decision to withdraw its application to put a helipad on a parking lot across the street from its headquarters on Allerton Street in Roxbury.