By - 10/12/17 - 8:46 am

There is no denying that today the world is digital. Kids play, communicate, “hang out”, and share obscure memes in even obscurer apps that go out of fashion before we have a chance to learn about them. We feel somewhat excluded, there is little we can teach them in that department. Even going out is not what it used to be for us, and we cannot give them tips on etiquette of digital romance (how many likes is okay to give your crush without raising suspicions, who is okay to tag on Instagram, and so on). We feel lost, puzzled and, sometimes, a bit helpless.

By - 10/9/17 - 5:14 am

Making the decision to return to school after so many years can be a difficult decision for many Adults. However, with the ever changing job market along with the constant development and deployment of new technology, many jobs require skills that were not needed 20 years ago.
More jobs require at least one degree and many jobs are looking for new employees that have essential qualifications for dual jobs. For example, accountant/database administrator, engineer/computer programmer, help desk support technician/website designer, medical receptionist/medical coding and billing.

By - 8/27/16 - 5:12 pm

Unlike the Storrowing's here, this one demolished the overpass - not to mention the truck that hit it...


By - 3/16/16 - 2:01 pm

On March 22, 2016 the New England Diversity Council will be hosting their Women in Leadership Symposium at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP in Boston, Massachusetts. This symposium will bring together a diverse mix of successful women leaders who, through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues, will educate, inspire and encourage women to reflect on their own goals and status as they strive to advance within their organizations.

By - 9/20/14 - 7:20 pm

We need to stop litter and keep Massachusetts clean by spreading the word about the Yes on Question 2 campaign.

The Bottle Bill is the most effective recycling tool we have. Eighty percent of bottles covered by the Bottle Bill’s 5-cent deposit are recycled. Yes on Question 2 would add a bottle deposit to water, sports drinks, tea, juices, and other drinks that were not included in the original bill because they were not popular when the law was passed in 1982.

We need your vote on November 4 to update the Bottle Bill.

By - 4/13/14 - 1:11 pm

The Globe wrote recently about the Wellesley Ravencam - a fairly unusual opportunity to watch a pair of ravens who have nested at Wellesley.

We have a live chick this morning. There's one egg left, as yet unhatched. There's a picture via Twitter, thanks to @sfnaturalist.

According to the page,

By - 10/3/13 - 9:59 pm

The famous non-profit organization is suffering at the (stage)hands of LocalOne.

See below for a couple of takes on the situation.

By - 8/24/13 - 9:01 pm

The Boston Fire Department alerts us, and so we alert you, that a private party will be shooting fireworks up over Boston Harbor from Fan Pier between 10 and 11 tonight.

By - 7/31/13 - 9:45 pm

Galen Moore of the Boston Business Journal uses state data and Google Fusion Tables to create a map of "every outdoor patio bar in the state of Massachusetts."

Caveat imbibor.

By - 2/8/13 - 8:58 pm

Firefighters are at 8 Whittier Pl., where a transformer exploded around 8:45 p.m., sending flames into ductwork in the building's garage. The situation went to two alarms, but firefighters had residents stay in place. One resident of 6 Whittier Pl. was rescued from a dead elevator.

By - 9/18/12 - 9:57 am

State Police report a box truck full of ice rolled over around 8:30 a.m. on a ramp from Rte. 128 north to Rte. 62 in Danvers. No word if it was in a convoy with a Scotch truck.

By - 3/26/12 - 7:40 am

On a random road trip yesterday, we ended up in Woonsocket, RI (OK, so, yeah, pretty random). It was getting late, we hadn't gotten lunch and we stumbled on a place called River Falls. Looked like your basic burger-and-steaks-in-an-old-mill restaurant. But then the waitress started to tell us their Sunday special was Ma Glockner's, but she couldn't finish because I basically yelled "berched chicken!" which kind of startled her because people don't generally yell out the day's specials.

By - 1/10/12 - 7:09 am

The TSA breaks its silence on Cupcakegate (and mad props to them for calling it Cupcakegate and getting in a Wile E. Coyote reference); notes the cupcake in question wasn't just some delicious pastry on a napkin but a suspicious looking wad in a jar filled with icing - with a spoon attached.

So stop trying to sneak jars filled with icing onto planes: